However, should you want to raise funds in the name of a particular charity, then you must ask permission from them. 3 Preamble Legal entity The Scouting Movement in the Republic of South Africa is represented by a single legal entity, namely SCOUTS South Africa (SSA). For SAIF information and application click here. ↩, Section 7(6) read with section 34(1)(b). Those organizations generally have a good method of checking the legality of an organisation. I have been invited to join an international group of people, of all colours, races and creeds, which creates a forum of peaceful and caring human people. FundRazr: This is a crowdfunding platform that was co-developed with PayPal. * Issue invites to delegates for all events and meetings arranged by the company (e.g. These funds all have boards, appointed in terms of the Act, and one of their functions is to collect contributions. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN SOUTH AFRICA: HOW CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS CAN ADVANCE THE SUSTAINABILITY AGENDA . However, experience has shown that it would be to your advantage to be registered … The Non Profit Directorate is the only source of this information - or 012 312 7500. These are thousands of charities in South Africa. SAIF Branches hold get-togethers every two months or so and have speakers who would contribute to your knowledge. See SARS for more information. Contact the Department of Social Development and apply for a NPO number. How long have they been there? However, experience has shown that it would be to your advantage to be registered as a NPO (NonProfit Organisation) and have an NPO number. ICLG - Mining Laws and Regulations - South Africa covers common issues in mining laws and regulations – including the acquisition of rights, ownership requirements and restrictions, processing, transfer and encumbrance, environmental aspects, native title and land rights – in 15 jurisdictions. Not-for-profit Law is working to improve fundraising laws for charities and not-for-profits. (However, what should be born in mind is that because an organisation has a NPO number, it only means that the organisation complies with the requirements laid down by the Department of Social Development and it is not a guarantee of the reliability of the organisation), What is their Income Tax Number? They have the right to protect the use of their name. Student Number: 2202824 . In order for donors to claim a donation on their tax return, the donee must be a qualified charity as recognized by the IRS. ↩, Section 13(1)(a) read with section 34(1)(b). What do we have to do legally to make this into a registered NGO? A good idea is to swop with other NPOs, as you will then at least have people who do donate. Do I need a fundraising number in order to raise funds? Louise Batty came to South Africa from Australia in 1999 and returned as a volunteer with the Department of Health. I want to circulate information to the SAIF membership base - how do I go about it? We now have voluntary registration of non-profit organisations. It is an offence to fail to do so.4, It is also an offence to fail to furnish the Director with all reports, returns and financial statements (as may be prescribed) at the prescribed times.5, If the Director of Fundraising suspects that contributions have been collected in contravention of the Act, he can order that the funds be returned, or be delivered to him, and he can require (of any person) that certain information be provided. How often does their board (committee) meet? Who is the right person to be a Member of a Board? You are not allowed to hold back any fees raised on behalf of a client. In South Africa the Non-Profit Organisations Act (NPO Act) covers non-profit organisations and the legal steps for registering them. The Lotteries Act requires that NPOs that wish to run a lottery must be registered in terms of the NPO Act. The schedule of fundraising activities may be changed by mutual agreement. Where can I get a list of Corporate donors, Trusts and Foundations? The SAIF membership list is not for sale nor is it divulged to a third party. If an inspector calls for security to be furnished by the organisation, or for it to provide records, books, accounts and documents, it is an offence to fail to comply therewith.15, Any person who hinders or obstructs the Director, or any member of his staff, or an inspector in the execution of his duties, commits a criminal offence.16, Any person who falsely represents himself to be the Director, or a member of his staff, or an inspector, commits a crime.17, Any person carrying out, or assisting in an inspection shall preserve the secrecy of all matters that may come to his knowledge in the performance of his duties. They should be able to issue a special receipt to allow the deduction. From December 2016, South Australian charities registered with the ACNC that fundraise in SA are exempt from applying for a fundraising licence from the Office of Consumer and Business Services (CBS, the body responsible for regulating fundraising activities in SA). What are the legal implications? South Africa: Mining Laws and Regulations 2021. Try CORE (Cooperative for Research and Education). Refer to our Advertisers on the consultancy page for more information on available services. Any proposals which are made for financial support will draw on this document without it being necessary to recreate a completely new proposal on each occasion. Log onto – go to the “Resources & Services” Link, then to the Civil Society Tool Kits. The arrangement between you and your client is a contract between both sides. © The Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising. Whether or not what you are doing is legal is a matter of normal legal practice. It is not just a list of achievements, although these will be included. As a member of the SAIF, I know that our ethics prevent us from charging a percentage commission on funds raised. The old Fundraising Act has been repealed and under the new NPO Act (NonProfit Organisation Act), registration is voluntary. What are the fundraising responsibilities of board members? Who is the Director, General Manager or Chief Executive? But unfortunately, when some people with good intentions try to fundraise they can forget to think about the legal issues. No one under the age of 18 may play … It is an offence to collect contributions on behalf of, or for, one of these funds if you are not granted special written authorization to do so from the relevant board.14. repayment requirements. In most states, business owners (particularly those with … You don't! The consulting rate should be market related, depending on what skills you are bringing to the party. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide for starting your business legally: Create a LLC or Corporation ‘Fundraising for Non-profits’ demystifies the processes of setting up and resourcing nonprofit organisations in South Africa. Fundraising Rules and Regulations Related to Deductible Charitable Contributions. Lists of Donors/companies/ trusts, etc, go to, which has all info on donor directory service. Click here to view arguments against commission-based fundraising. The chances are that a significant number are not ‘registered’, but still collect money from the public for their cause – whether its abandoned children, the rhino, the elderly, refugees, or myriad others. From personal fundraisers to acts of kindness, generosity and more. unemployed in our area. You must be transparent in your actions and accountable for the funds. Members of the Board should have an interest in the work and future of the organisation they serve. solicitation campaign, fundraising event, or service under this contract shall occur on _____. Click here for PDF format of the Act. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for South Africa due to COVID-19. It facilitates raising money for personal, group, political or non-profit causes via donations or perks. Although charities are generally exempt for tax they do have to be registered as a PBO, Are they registered under section 18A of the Income tax act? The jackpot should not exceed $250 in value and the law does not permit any more than three jackpots per session of bingo. How do I acquire the Fundraising Act, especially with regards to the limitations/ requirements for churches wanting to raise funds? We are in the process of starting a project which will rely entirely on donor funding. Note - fundraising numbers are not longer relevant. If you want to hold an event to raise funds, then you must make it clear to the people you invite that the money they give is in the form of a donation for that charity. ↩, Section 12(1) read with section 34(1)(a). Take the telephone number of the charity and ask them how much of the money raised they are receiving. Who else gives to them? We are concerned about its effect on our people, our clients and the communities in which we operate and are putting measures in place to contain its spread. What is their NPO number? Click here to view "Arguments against Commission-based fundraising", Click here to view the International Statement of Ethical Principles. All financial accounting and reporting (with These inspectors have wide powers. When do you need approved building plans in South Africa? Either way is permissible, providing you make it clear to all concerned and everyone is in agreement. What are the roles and functions of the governing board? For NPOs to be able to access all the legal and tax benefits of being a non-profit in South Africa, and in most cases to be able to access donor funding, they need to be registered with the NPO Directorate. You should write some simple rules governing the proceedings and then allocate responsibilities such as advertising, collecting the money and liaising with the charity. Would it benefit our Church to become a member of SAIF? It is a criminal offence, in any manner whatsoever to solicit, accept, collect or obtain (that is ‘collect’) contributions from the public unless you have written authorization from the Director of Fundraising.1, It is a criminal offence to go about collecting contributions otherwise than as provided in the Act.2, No contribution may be used for any object other than that specified in the authorisation, and it is an offence to do otherwise.3, Every fund-raising organisation, and a branch of such an organisation which is registered separately, and every holder of a temporary authorisation must keep record (as prescribed by regulation) of all moneys received and expended; of all assets and liabilities; and of all financial transactions. Where would I obtain information on how to fundraise through bequests? The NPO Directorate have compiled a model Constitution - click here to view this document. I need to check to see if a Charity is registered as a NonProfit Organisation - who do I call? ↩, Section 31(1) read with section 34(1)(a). It functions as a vehicle to bring together in one place the thinking of those responsible for the institution’s future. It serves as a back-up document, where necessary or appropriate, to other shorter written communication pieces such as releases and media events, special presentations, foundation proposals, fundraising brochures and the like. She later co-founded the nonprofit Keep The Dream196 with Elizabeth Mabuza. You will need to do this if you want to open a back account in the name of the project, which is preferable if you are managing other people/s money. A non-profit company is a company incorporated for one or more objects, either a public benefit or … Depending on your requirements, it may be a little as organising a "Big Walk" or as large as submitting a funding application to a Corporate Donor or the National Lottery. No person may collect contributions for a fundraising organisation, in return for which he receives remuneration, unless: he has, in his possession, special written permission from the organisation; he has entered into a written agreement with the organisation, a copy of which has been furnished to the Director. A ‘contribution’ is considered to be money, and any property, which can be converted into or exchanged for money, and which is not transferred in fulfilment of an enforceable obligation, or which gives rise to a right to claim anything other than participation in a game or competition (e.g. Finance, Fundraising and Administration Policy Version 3 2015/06/30 pg. It selects and appoints the executive personnel. 2 The administration process of a deceased estate is a complex process with many legal requirements, you ensure that you nominate someone who will be able to do what is required. Therefore, fundraising numbers are not required. An offence is committed if any of these obligations is not met.8, He must produce the special permission if requested to do so by the organisation, or the Director, or a policeman and commits an offence if he fails to do so.11, There are certain statutory funds: the Disaster Relief Fund, the South African Defence Force Fund, the Refugee Relief Fund, the State President’s Fund, and the Social Relief Fund. The organisation concerned may withdraw the special permission at any time (and must do so if required by the Director). We could help them using our own resources but they have to commit a portion of funds raised to meeting our costs. Every ticket must have the date of the lottery and the name and address of … They will require that NPOs which receive a tax benefit, be registered in terms of the NPO Act. LAUNCH YOUR FUNDRAISER > It is often possible to secure donations or grants to establish a project, which do not need to be repaid. Do not contribute if you are not satisfied as to their authenticity. The people we will serve are not in a position to pay for this help. Note - the Fundraising Act of 1997 was replaced with the Non Profit Act. If you work closely with one particular charity, you might find that they will help you be endorsing your initiative and may even write a letter giving you permission to ask businesses to donate prizes on their behalf. No, we do not raise funds on behalf of organisations because we are a membership institute for fundraising professionals. This is a society lottery. What is the difference between an NPO and a Section 21 and Trust Organisation? If you choose to work at your own risk, you could arrive at a fee and they could pay you only if you are successful but the risk will be yours. Do I need to register with SAIF in order to raise funds? Direct Marketing Solutions can also advise on list acquiring. However, we do not agree with commission based fundraising because it leads to abuse. The SAIF Branch functions are excellent places to meet and network with other fundraisers. What is their physical address– not only a box number? The Lotteries Act has this to say about Society Lotteries: 38. For a full explanation of what a non-profit organisation is and what different structures can be used, see the LRC guide on Legal structures commonly used … Do they own or rent the premises? It ensures effective organisational planning. Proposed Degree: LLM (Corporate Law) Department: See "Non-profit organisations - Starting up", See for valuable information regarding the starting up of an NPO and the difference between the various options. What should or shouldn't a Case Statement be? ↩, Section 30(8) read with section 6(9) and section 34(1)(b). Registration as an NPO is done through the Department of Social Development, NPO Directorate, Pretoria (012 312 7500) -, See for valuable information regarding the starting up of an NPO and the difference between the various options. Is their Annual General Meeting open to the public? Where would I obtain copies of various Acts - eg. South Africa has adopted money laundering laws to help it comply with its international obligations to fight organised crime and terrorism. The tax laws for NPOs are being amended and the new laws are expected to come into operation in 2001. Should you wish to hold the event on a regular basis, you might want to form a small committee to manage the event. Make an annual donation to the best of their ability. Different funders provide funds … Online Fundraising Pages for South Africa; We helped people from all over South Africa crowdfund the things that matter to them most. Society lottery.—A society lottery shall not be unlawful if— (a)it is conducted only in the Republic; (b)the society for whose benefit the lottery is run or to be run, is authorized to collect contributions from the public in terms of the provisions of the Fund-raising Act, 1978 (Act No. All rights reserved. Visit FundRaising Success for an article on "Four Steps to Creating a Strong Fundraising Board" By David H. King. Note - the Fundraising Act of 1997 was replaced with the Non Profit Act. Regarding the legalities of charities there are a few checks that anyone should make before making any donation.

legal requirements for fundraising in south africa

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