Water Levels of the Great Lakes Are Declining. A summary of the current status of Lake Huron based on the 2012 GLWQA General Objectives viii Table ii. 1 Table 2. Experts predict that Great Lakes water levels will rise for a fifth consecutive year. Water Level Advisory. Trend Summary: Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are connected hydrologically. It’s still 5″ higher than one year ago and 34″ above the September average. Lake St. Clair surpassed last year’s record high. Table i. NOAA water level observations are available at specific locations, as described on the Monitoring Network page or as a lake-wide average. These lake-wide averages are based on a select set of U.S. and Canadian station data as determined by the Coordinating Committee. Water levels for Lake Superior, Lake Michigan-Huron, Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Montréal Harbour are above their all-time average for this time of year and are above the level of Chart Datum. The record is 177.50 set in October of 1986. Lake Huron Partnership Actions that Address Key Environmental Threats x Table 1. Lake Huron has set monthly high-level records since January, and likely will set August’s monthly record as well. Great Lakes Water Level Observations. Water levels have been at an all time high the past year. The observation data shown below is from each lake… Lakes Michigan, Huron, St. Clair and Erie broke monthly water level records in May that were previously set in 1986, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials said. The USACE daily Georgian Bay (Lake Michigan-Huron) water levels: click here.. Even in the winter months water levels have remained at an unprecedented high. Water levels continue to be well above average and near or above record high levels, but all the lakes are continuing their seasonal declines. Great Lakes water levels and related data Information on Great Lakes water levels is available from several agencies in the United States and Canada. For the first time in 2020, Lake Michigan-Huron is below the level it was at this time last year – … “Typically, it starts to peak in July, and then starts to go down. Mariners should exercise extreme caution throughout the entire system, especially during periods … The water level of Lake Michigan/Huron is down 1″ in the last week and down 2″ in the last month. Water levels on lakes Michigan-Huron, St. Clair, Erie and Ontario declined during August and are expected to continue declining throughout the fall. for the Great Lakes in English units.. The General Objectives of the 2012 … This Web page contains links to a number of official Web sites containing Great Lakes water level and related data. Well, Lake Huron is currently sitting at 177.49 metres. Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Annexes. Lakes Michigan-Huron, technically one body of water, and Lake Superior broke January records last month, shattering monthly records previously set in 1986, according to the Army Corps of Engineers. How close is it? Historically the water levels have fluctuated somewhere around 6 feet in periods … LAKE HURON LAMP (2017-2021) vii. Earlier research uncovered a 12-year cycle of rising and falling lake levels in the Michigan-Huron lakes, as well as a shorter 8-year cycle. The 12 month outlook summary.

lake huron water levels 2021

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