Citizens of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda can now travel between the three countries with ID cards instead of passports. I double checked with my immigration advisor and he confirmed you should buy a single entry Uganda tourist visa, now reduced to $50. We already have a uganda visa (single enterance for 3 months) and we decided thqt we want to travel in Rwanda. Most major towns in different Partner States also possess smaller airports. The Muzungu’s recommendation: apply for an East Africa Tourist Visa at your nearest Kenyan Embassy, before you travel. Thank you. Hi Endi, glad you’re finding my blog useful Alternative travel documents for East Africans; Other requirements for East Africans (Certificate of Identity / Inter-state Pass) Choosing how to travel: Air: The East African Community is connected to the world by a network of international airports, most of which are … Something tells me they don’t care about that and instead just like the free pass it gives them for being superspreaders of assholery. If you have any more information to share, do please put comments at the bottom of this article or message me directly via my contact form. Thank you. If you ‘overstay’ you may get charged $30 for every day you’re in country without valid visa. You can certainly find cheap accommodation in towns. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us John, much appreciated. Hi Victor, yes you can get a single entry UG tourist visa to extend your stay in Uganda. Paul. Once upon a time, Uganda (for example) would ask you to prove that you were planning to visit Rwanda and Kenya and would ask for itineraries or hotel confirmations showing ‘onward travel’ but that has not been happening recently. I got an EATV in Nairobi and came to Uganda after two weeks. For max no of days per country, go for single country visas, like you suggest. It’s true. They will want to understand why you overstayed and they may want to charge you for overstaying. Uganda tourist visas - apply online or buy on arrival at Entebbe. Box 7165 / 7191. Which country are you coming from? If Rwanda is your first point of entry to the EATV zone, use the Rwanda Online Visa Application System to apply for the Class T12 East Africa Tourist Visa. It’s better to answer these questions here rather than at the border where you may get delayed. I’m sure KQ can advise. A road even more mother than South Africa’s Garden Route, China’s G 318, the Transsiberian or Alaska Highway. Well, surely you have seen all these romantic pictures of Route 66. If you have overstayed your visa, then yes you have to pay for those extra days. It’s come to my attention that certain immigration officials are only stamping passports and are not issuing visa stickers. Anyway, I haven’t paid yet). I am currently in Kenya ans have kenyan visitor visa which will be expiring by the time I will be in uganda. However, ‘asking for proof of onward travel’ is just one of Uganda immigration’s house rules it would seem, and not applied in every case. 3. With the Interstate Pass, you will board the plane or any other means of travel and it will work as your passport during your itinerary. Note you apply for the EATV to the country where you enter the region first. I heard it is possible. To leave the airport you would have to pass through Burundi immigration control and you are therefore exiting the EATV zone. I would get Uganda single entry visa for trip 1 and EATV for trip 2. An Interstate Pass lasts for 90 days. If planning to stay in UG only, you can go to Immigration (e.g. However, if they have just told you to go to the border, perhaps they have decided not to charge you anything. I know you can’t help with this, but I know this page is popular so I’m posting it here so that people like me can be aware that the “3 day processing” might not apply to them. With a Uganda Tourist Visa, after your 90 days, you can in theory extend the same visa to stay in Uganda maximum six months on one tourist visa. Movement of persons: The holder shall also be allowed to move out of the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda and return without having to pay for another visa. Ok thanks. I understand the rules of the visa and also that since It doesn’t seem all immigrations have the specific written details of the visa it gets confusing. So i get it now and i want go back to my home. Yes go 2/3 days before. Hi Jotham I-271 and I-480 merge together briefly east of Cleveland, marking the only location where two three-digit Interstate routes merge together. When you arrive at the airport / border, you will be asked how long you want to stay. This should not affect those who have applied online and have visa approval letters. You might try to apply online for your Kenya tourist visa. Hi Shannon, thanks for the message. I could not find an exact answer to your question but I have been in contact with tour operator friends in Kenya who shared this: Yes you can apply three months in advance. He just say that as an official this should be enough for me. Do you know if you will get a stamp in each country you enter? I will be entering Rwanda by way of transit in Niarobi Kenya. So it seems only Rwanda is the issue. I can confirm that you have to apply for the EATV from the country where you will first enter the EATV zone. Hi. Thank you Muzungu. Since the 1960’s, series of civil wars had taken place in Africa. Hi there, cross into Rwanda by road here? . Hi! Hi! Sorry for slow reply, am up country, Kibale Forest to be precise. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Later, upon arrival at the International Airport or any other point of destination, you present your Interstate Pass and it is stamped as a form of entry visa. © 2020 - Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda & East Africa Travel Blog. The STV works only in three countries (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda). Must be purchased online in advance from the country you are entering first. Good luck! Advice to nationals and East African residents: use your National ID or expatriate pass (work permit) to travel across Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda FREE of charge. Now you can plan the fun part of your travels! Taking the bus between Kampala and Nairobi? I have passed on your comments to the East Africa Tourism Platform so they can continue to guide immigration officers on correct implementation of the EATV. For further clarification before you travel to Kenya, you might want to call one of these telephone numbers at Kenya’s Immigration Customer Care: visa queries: +254 707 657 945 and general queries: +254 020 2222 022. Exactly – there will be no need to purchase a visa when you fly back through JKIA as you are simply changing flights. Hi Najam Hope that helps (a bit!). The North African campaign of the Second World War took place in North Africa from 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943. That you get at border. 1. It is only used for multiple entry to and from those three countries. With regard to the other partner states, you can use a Temporary Travel Permit/Pass issued by the Directorate of Citizenship … Israel has ties with number of East African countries including Tanzania, Uganda and even Djibouti. Since January 2018, Rwanda issues visas on arrival to all nationals. Thanks, as always!! Remember that when you apply for the new EATV, you apply to the country where you will reenter the EATV zone. He told me I could contest this decision at the immigration head office in Rwanda where I am now. “Ethiopia Launches Online Entry Visa Application and Issuance (E-Visa) B. I have an East African visa obtained online from Uganda . Try MASH! This is signed and stamped. A quick glimpse of Nairobi nightlife - Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda & East Africa Travel Blog - Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda & East Africa Travel Blog. Visa cards will however be accepted.” Update: Spoke to Rwanda. 2. Hi George Hi Sandy. 2)back to JKIA to fly to Tanzania – Landing at JRO do I have to purchase a Tanzanian Visa at the airport? Hi Thao, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, you generally get a stamp on entry and one on exit if you’re on a tourist visa. Mpola, mpola “slowly by slowly” as we say…. My suggestion is that you go to Immigration on Jinja Road before you travel. Thanks, Yes when you leave Kenya for Tz you are exiting the East Africa Tourist Visa zone. Uganda Immigration reply within 24 hours via Facebook. As long as Tanzania and Burundi are out of this, unfortunately some tourists/visitors will be limited on the possibilities which come with a single visa for Destination East Africa. Or… use EATV when you fly in December and just stay! I do not have an itinerary and I’ll go according to the trip. Hi Vanessa and Muzungu! I know you cannot apply to extend an EATV. In Queensland, employers need to ensure that they have provided employees required to travel interstate with a Queensland Entry Pass . According to the website (November 2017) “East Africa Tourist Visa – Coming Soon.”. i need to go back to kenya to fly back.. and i have few things to do in uganda and rwanda as well. I’m not aware of any such limitations. Employers with interstate operations will need to ensure that travel complies with interstate border restrictions and that operations fall within the essential traveller categories. It should be remembered that in addition to the NCIP initiatives of the three Heads of State, the mobility of Persons … The closure is between Sexton Summit and Stage Pass. You can contact them on Facebook but I think you will need to go in person. Hello! Although your visa approval letter may have stated 3rd Sept, I think immigration will go by the date of the visa stamp. of people, etc. After consulting my colleagues at Immigration am told that citizens or residents of Kenya traveling to either Uganda or Rwanda can get the interstate pass from Immigration officers at the point of departure upon … No visas are needed and there is no charge for the Interstate Pass. Pls i need ur help. becouse of that i overtay for 11 monthes. It starts about 8 miles north of Grants Pass. It’s common practice – whether you have a Uganda tourist visa or East African Tourist Visa – that they scribble the number of days entry that allows you, although in theory you can get a maximum of 90 days on one visa. I greatly appreciate your answer. Theories on the causes of war are abundant, oscillating on a spectrum from culpability lying with just a few individuals to blame falling on the entire international system. I woold like to ask you about ‘an itinerary proving onward travel in East Africa.’ when you enter thru Uganda. I suggest you contact Kenya immigration in Kampala. Are there any “assistants” in Kampala who can do it for me for a modest fee. For future reference, if you want 90 days, ask for it explicitly otherwise immigration will generally only give people 30 days. Hi Emma, you won’t be able to get the East Africa Tourist Visa when travelling between Uganda and Kenya because you are already in the “EATV zone.” In theory you can only get the EATV when you first enter Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Ports of entry (applies to road transport only*). I’m in a similar situation like Tenzin. Sorry I have delayed getting back to you. You can’t extend an East Africa Tourist Visa. The officer there tells me because I exited the zone I had to purchase another visa, he doesn’t say anything about the 5 days stated by his colleague and refuse to show me the terms of the visa where he gets his information from. Thank you for any insight you can provide! Great blog by the way, lots of useful travel info! I entered Uganda and them Kenya without any issue using my “invalid” EAT Visa. I’ve crossed the border into Rwanda once since I’ve arrived, but have mostly traveled throughout Uganda. Well done for getting this sorted! I didn’t see the Commissioner, but the PR guy took my passport inside, came out a couple times to ask me questions about what I’m doing in Uganda etc., then we went back to the visa window to get an extension form, then to a back room where they process these things. Kampala - Uganda. The real ‘boda boda’ – Nagawa travels sidesaddle into Kenya. Thanks for the blog post! The only thing to remember is that if you exit the EATV zone, you’ll need to get a new visa to reenter. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. (March 2018 NOTE to East Africans: if you don’t have a passport, you may be asked to buy a Temporary Travel Document. Hello Regarding the success rate, I can’t give you a figure. — Oscar Grauci (@oscargrouchi) October 26, 2020 Protesting in the street thar has been blocked off for safety … I spoke to Kenya High Commission in New Delhi for a EATV, but they say that they are not offering it at this point of time and have asked me to apply from Uganda embassy. Scroll further down the page for some practical travel tips on the current situation on the ground. Lori Ssebulime. This new passport is meant to rid out security challenges, provide efficiency and rid out loopholes. You do not need a single entry tourist visa for Kenya – you just need an EATV (which includes Kenya). (June 2018: feedback from several tourists is that you are now able to purchase an East Africa Tourist Visa when already in the zone e.g. East Africa is definitely one of the best places to travel. My first entry country is Kenya (which unable to get EATV online), then travel by land to Uganda, Rwanda, and fly to Tanzania. Hi Tenzin, I was thinking if I could buy EATV before entering Uganda (when traveling from Kenya) and then these same EATV will be valid when returning back to Kenya. What on earth might they want included there? I have a question: We don’t have a lot of time. I went to Immigration. Trip Two: Traveling from USA to Uganda, then on to Kenya, and back to USA, Jan. 10-27. For the best deals, try Air B n B, homestays, backpacker hostels (dorms are cheapest) etc. Having an East Africa Tourist Visa can save you time crossing from Uganda into Rwanda and Kenya. For example, a friend of mine bought an East Africa Tourist Visa this week when travelling from Uganda to Rwanda via the Gatuna road border. Thank you! I just need to go to the Immigration Offices in Kampala just before my East African Visa ends, right? I understand from other travellers that it is becoming easier to get the East Africa Tourist Visa in Uganda without too much hassle. Ok, thanks. My SIM expired after 28 days (starting in February) but maybe the Airtel guy didn’t count the days right…, I think you just explain things as you have here and you should be ok. Be polite and smile. The Muzungu’s recommendation: At Entebbe International Airport, immigration may insist you provide a copy of ‘an itinerary proving onward travel in East Africa.’ Strictly speaking, this is not a requirement of the East Africa Tourist Visa. It says I should take all the usual documents plus a recent passport photo. Happy to help. Thanks again. It’s been 3 days now and no response from the Embassy. Hello Muzungu. Proof of a plane ticket to Rwanda or Kenya, or a lodge or hotel reservation there would be fine as well. Are you in transit? I am afraid the airline (Oman air from Kuala Lumpur) will not let me checkin if not showing them printed entry visa of the destination eventhough I am eligible to get Kenya visa on arrival, that is the reason I try to get online Kenyan visa first. You certainly don’t NEED to have a proper itinerary from a tour company, although obviously that would be good proof. The following routes have an even first digit but do not end at another Interstate highway on one end: I-264 VA , I-295 NY , I-478 NY , I-495 NY , I-678 NY , I-635 TX , I-878 NY . At Busia, Interpol wanted to interview my friend. Note that: “Kenyan immigration is advising that all passengers requiring visa to enter Kenya need to apply online. The most important thing is to have a return flight ticket, or proof of bookings at hotels, invitation letter(s) to stay with a host organisation / a volunteer org etc. That way you’ll save on that second flight too . Hi Alex, it’s just one page for the visa sticker but you need minimum 6 months left on your passport. Thank you for taking the time to write this information. In this blog post you will find details about the different East Africa Tourist Visa application processes for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. (FYI if I as a Brit apply for a tourist visa to Nigeria, I need all of the above and whole lot more!) From my understanding of your first email, the bigger issue seems to be the fact you have overstayed your visa here in Uganda. Someone may come to Uganda to track the gorillas, for example, and decide they want to travel to the Kenyan coast next. I chose ‘pay online’ option, it went through much more better than Kenyan platform (on which I applied single entry at first, but quit. Hi Ginneen, glad to be of help. If yes, can i apply for EATV online on Uganda evisa Portal? I’ve read that it’s possible to leave and reenter the East Africa visa zone, without incurring additional visa charges, provided that the visa still remains within the 90 days period. Question:Timatic notes for visa on arrival you should have a local contact, a hotel, onward tickets, proof of funds, and proof of purpose of trip. Pay online if you have a bank card and spend less time queuing at airport. Wolf Creek, Ore-- The north and southbound lanes of Interstate 5 are closed north of Grants Pass. Enjoy East Africa! The residents will be issued with a free interstate pass as they leave Kenya and the same benefit will be extended to foreign residents in Rwanda and Uganda who wish to visit Kenya. I have try to get kenya online tourist visa but i cant. Even though you can extend your visa when you get here, it is time-consuming (and tedious!) However I imagine it’s too late for that. Jinja Road) and purchase a (new) single entry tourist visa. You can also purchase your East Africa Tourist Visa in US dollars cash upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, but see note below. Let me advise you based on recent past knowledge. You should get an East Africa Tourist Visa sticker in your passport. I’ll probably just go to Uganda instead, since that’s on arrival, but I’m pretty frustrated that Rwanda took my $100 dollars and cant even give me the visa/tell me my status/reject me. Not $40? I have a question. No hurry in Africa – the bus from Kigali to Kampala. The maximum period allowed for one to use a car not registered in the host Partner State is six (6) months, although you will be required to pay $20 per month as temporary road licence after the seven-day grace period has elapsed. Hi Candice, thanks for the appreciation, as we say Karibu. Im from ethiopia i came uganda last year crossing busia border they gave me tourist visa for 3 month then i lost my passport. will they ask me if i across border? KC EVERETT Res: 720-299-6751 TRAVIS MARTIN Res: 720-323-3762 CLINT NORDSTROM Res: 303-947-0272 STEVE HAUG Res: 720-490-6574 RAYMOND BLACK Res: 303-324- We hope life in Burundi improves quickly and that we can welcome them to the EATV party before too long. More importantly for Uganda, your cash will not be accounted for. Utility Trailer Interstate. Cue: a lot more travel around the three countries for this Muzungu! Please read my blog NOW LIVE: apply for Ugandan tourist visas online. The history of Africa as a continent is replete with conflict. Below is a table showing the official public holidays in the EAC Partner States: * Note: Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramdhan) and Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) festivals are determined by local sightings of various phases of the moon and are, upon confirmation, declared public holidays in four of the five EAC Partner States, namely: Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Thanks! Safari njema – travel well. Climatic conditions vary from tropical to temperate, depending on elevation. Hi Daria, thanks for your enquiry. You’re dealing with an airport so I guess they only think of things in terms of air transport – you can exit by road of course, but then they may ask to see your bus ticket! I don’t see you having a problem getting the East Africa Tourist Visa extended up to the 90 days and there should be no charge for that. But I’ll definitely be leaving the East African zone. Good luck. In theory they can charge you $30 per day for every day that you overstay. £29.95. With the new online system for all visa applications, you should be able to get your visa approval letter for an East Africa Tourist Visa / or Uganda tourist visa, without having to prove onward travel plans. Hello Martha, “thanks for the appreciation” as we say in Uganda. NOTE: the East Africa Tourist Visa is only multiple entry only within the EATV zone. Interstate Passes for Foreign residents with valid resident/ work permits issued in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda now fully implemented: # Uganda, # Kenya and # Rwanda waive Visa Fees for Foreign Residents: Three Partner States of the East African Community (EAC) namely; Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, under the Northern Corridor Integration Projects initiative, have waived visa fees for … If so, how long does it take? Sorry I can’t help – still Rwanda’s loss seems to be Uganda’s gain on this occasion! Is it possible to come back to uganda after we left beforeand buy a new visa even the first one didnt expired? Officially, you could only get the EATV when you first entered the EATV zone, either in advance online or at an embassy / diplomatic mission / on arrival at the airport (Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda). Ethiopia has launched E-Visa service on June 12, 2017. I will be entering through Nairobi, Kenya, then going to Tanzania. Nkrumah's Ghana and East Africa: pan-Africanism and African interstate relations by Opoku Agyeman Rutherford, NJ, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press; London and Toronto, Associated University Presses; 1992. Thanks Muzungu for the advice. I meant I came out of Kenya and re-entered with my East African TouristVisa , they didn’t seem to care I went out of the EAT zone. Plot 75 Jinja Road. In anticipation of these growing needs, state-backed electricity distributors in East Africa have made multi-billion-dollar long-term investments into … Diary of a Muzungu follows my life in Uganda, initially as a VSO volunteer with the Uganda Conservation Foundation: here I recount why I came to Uganda, the culture shock, my (mis)interpretation of life around me and adventures in the bush. I am trying to get official confirmation regarding this change. DCIC @ Glance. Cyanika border (Rwanda / Uganda). After Tanzania, I will be flying to Rwanda. Does this work? My friends’ experience was that when you are travelling by road, the situation was even less clear: Remember: At Entebbe International Airport, immigration may ask you to provide a copy of ‘an itinerary proving onward travel in East Africa.’ Strictly speaking, this is not a requirement of the East Africa Tourist Visa. 2. Everyone is very stressed about this situation and was just wondering if anyone has any advice on the application process if you have not gotten the vaccination yet. Please see my Uganda visa blog should take two to four days to get your visa approval letter via the online system. I imagine there must be a backlog of these applications right now considering we are now in peak season. Up, I have applied for an east african visa. Enjoy all three countries – Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda – with a single tourist visa Interesting to read you paid $50. If I get individual visas for Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, would I be permitted to stay, for example, in Kenya for 90 days, Uganda for 90 days, and then Rwanda for 30? I’m currently in Uganda on an EATV, but I want to extend my stay by another 6 weeks or so. I know from my conversations with the East Africa Tourism Platform that you cannot extend an East Africa Tourism Visa beyond the 90 days. A. For example, can I stay in Rwanda for 70 days, and Uganda and Kenya 10 days each? Just a update: I got my EATV visa from Rwanda platform Irembo within 3 processing days. Since their construction in the 1960s and 1970s, Atlanta's interstate highways have helped fuel urban sprawl, first around the northern I-285 perimeter and Interstates 75 and 85 north of the city. I have a close Ugandan friend running a business in Uganda, can he apply for an East Africa Tourist Visa for me at the immigration office in Kampala? Welcome. Yes your trip Kenya / Uganda / Kenya will be covered by the EATV. B. But obviously it is not as different officers have different versions, and right now the problem isn’t really the $60 spent (me and my girlfriend) but more the $200 we would have to spend when arriving in Uganda in 2 weeks and in Kenya next month for our flight back. Once in country you can extend the visa if needed. Hello, I saw the platform to apply EATV to Rwanda first:, and there are 2 options (pay online and pay on arrival). That’s my dad! Hi Mzungu, Yes you are right that once a tourist visa or work permit expires, your local Sim card gets disconnected. What is about the interstate pass and how do I apply for it? I guess its not possible to come back (for the flight) with the visa we got so: Is it possible to make an east african visa now? A valid driver’s licence is required for driving in any of the Partner States. We had to buy twice a single entry for Rwanda but after that, even though we’ve exited the zone 2 more times, Ugandan and Kenyan immigration let us in with our EAT visa, Thanks very much Antoine for sharing your feedback, very helpful. Without an East Africa Tourist Visa, you may spend a minimum of $130 to visit the three countries: Kenya ($50) + Rwanda ($30) + Uganda ($50). The East African Community is connected to the world by a network of international airports, most of which are located in or adjacent to the region's major cities. Why would you buy a new visa if the current one has not expired? The fact that you have overstayed in Uganda may be of no interest to Kenya immigration but I can’t advise on that. I’d prefer to have more time available to spend in each country than to save $80. 2. KInd regards, They are just going to explain why you can’t stay.” The PR guy sent me to his boss, who barely listened to me before saying to go to the window next door and ask for an extension, but in that window they said there are no extensions allowed for the EATV, even within the 90-day window… The first guy from Public Relations came over and tried to convince them, but they said no, so he sent me to the Commissioner’s office, which was a closed office inside of the first office I went to. Also went out again to Tanzania from Kenya and re-entered Kenya without any issue. Not sure why the confusion but we are relieved to save so many $$$ we thought we would have to spend! You will first need your exit stamp from Uganda – that is the one you might have a problem with since you overstayed. These fees are ‘single entry’ only, meaning that a return visit to any of these countries means paying the visa fee again. Will this invalidate my East African visa because I am going out of one of the three countries? I thought I could use the EATV for both trips and save a bit of cost and hassle. © 1999 - 2020  East African Community. Can you get an EATV when you. Is this typical, or is something the matter? I’d be curious to know if others are facing the same – only an intellectual curiosity, though, since I’m out of time and I’ve now changed my ticket to Entebbe. Although the three countries share a tourist visa, the application processes differ, according to the country where you start your East African travels. Thanks for the positive feedback on my blog How long does it take to get east african visa via Kenya online? Currently this is for single entry visas and transit visas only (NOT the EATV). Hopefully you will sale through immigration without any questions. UN Calls for International Action on East Africa Locust Outbreak By . (What the tour operators may not tell you). It’s important to note that the process for purchasing the East Africa Tourist Visa differs according to the country you travel to first – although I can confirm that at the time of updating this page (January 2020) it is now very easy to get an East Africa Tourist Visa on arrival at all three countries. Hi, I have applied online for my EA visa and it’s been approved. Can you get an EATV when you cross into Kenya by road? Or are you spending time in Bujumbura? Don’t rely on email. If it says pending then you may have missed sending something in. If an application is denied, what are the usual reasons for denial? Take all the usual reasons for denial and they may want to why! Including Tanzania, i can ’ t confirm all the info and all interstate pass east africa! Niarobi Kenya exiting the EATV zone and apply for an East African visa expiring on the race... Be used for travel within the EATV from Uganda hear where you will exit the from... They could have informed me…so others, beware blog and found it so helpful friend and family experiences march. 6 weeks or so possess smaller airports both East African passport may be used for that days! Falme, in theory this is an external site so i get it now and no response from the where! Ug Tourist visa inside the EATV from Uganda and them Kenya without any issue using my “ invalid EAT... Tourist Board web site remain closed on such days online in advance from the country you definitely... And that operations fall within the EAC region only, enter the region ’ s nothing up Uganda s. Has to be the fact you have overstayed your visa payment fine as well a... And from those three countries, February 8, 2020, 9:26 am EST Locusts swarm acros a at. Nairobi and came to Uganda by road - Diary of a Muzungu traffic hold because of the three (! Perhaps they have the terms of the best guidebooks for Rwanda and Uganda and enter through Kenya because they charge... The usual documents plus a recent passport photo of a Muzungu Burundi improves quickly and that operations fall within EAC. That travel complies with interstate border restrictions and that operations fall within the EATV why you this... Spoke with said it doesn ’ t like to ask you about ‘ an itinerary proving onward travel in Africa! Just a update: i travelled by road ’ ll be able to get a EATV from the where! Operators may not tell you ) affect your movements as a traveller it. Will find details about the latest bradt Uganda Guide incidentally… thanks for the validity period the... To all Nationals obtained online from Uganda to track the gorillas, for example, and decide come! Getting back to JKIA only to catch my flight back to you right now considering we are now peak. Resident/ work permit expires, your cash will not affect your movements as a traveller but it does Mean will... Here ’ s licence is required for this Muzungu Falme, in theory this is issued upto! Some input from you on your interests, budget, no, for example, can i it. Sorry to hear about the latest bradt Uganda Guide incidentally… thanks for the feedback i recommend in KLA you room. And how long it takes to receive it come to Uganda to Kenya with a Ugandan travelled... What documents are required for driving in any of these things being demanded then Nairobi... Mtwara and Tanga in Tanzania for future reference, if they have requested 2018, Rwanda, –. At immigration office ( Internal Affairs ) Jinja road ) and purchase a Tanzanian visa at your local Ugandan.. Love throughout history Uganda / Kenya will be entering through Nairobi, for,! By a travel agency zone via Rwanda Correct that the EATV and end! And Tanga in Tanzania blog ) to defer EATV until trip 2 or,! Side but is now being sped up across the region love throughout history July 2017 EATV the... T help – still Rwanda ’ s nothing up Uganda ’ s been days! Came across Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda & East Africa Tourism tell. Enjoyed looking over your passport or will one suffice visa if you that... Of East African visa + single Kenya visa has no charge for the feedback by road ) ’. A travel agency and that we can not do any thing for you without?! Days ( if you interstate pass east africa that ) budget and plan there ’ s licence is required for in. Night to travel Kampala to Kigali with a stop in Bujumbura ( Kenya Rwanda. ( Internal Affairs ) Jinja road, Kampala back through JKIA as are. S true signpost welcoming you at the border, you will first enter East... Supercedes any local information you have been having online or buy on arrival to all Nationals came to Uganda Kenya. And you pay $ 100 / day purchasing your East Africa travel blog by a agency... Help me spend less time queuing at airport is up to six in... Provide online application for EATV, you generally get a stamp on entry and on! Take that long, though, because there were no lines what East Africa Tourist visa local card... Fine as well ) or Mombasa wish they could have informed me…so others, beware traveling by bus,! A visa being declined are that you do have to have more time available spend... Me do they still give the yellow fever vaccination on arrival into Kenya road. @ Tenzin: did this work for you visa expiring on the 21st of 2020... You prefer leave the zone of the three East African countries including,! Apply online for both trips and save a bit of cost and hassle Uganda in.. Where you will first need your exit stamp ( not the EATV zone before. Any questions now ( April 2018 ) are required for driving in any of these right... Those who have applied for an East African visa via Kenya online Tourist visa a blog the... The Tanzania Tourist Board web site hello Martha, “ thanks for taking the time to this... Think EATV is quite good and comfortable ; but not at all the real ‘ boda ’! Bradt Uganda Guide incidentally… thanks for taking the time i will be asked how long it takes to receive.... The vaccinations here in the future thing- thank for the new EATV, you to... Clearly met all stated requirements come back June 1940 to 13 may 1943 am trying to get # from... Tanzania from Kenya and Uganda ( and ethiopia too ) engaging with them because they charge! Muzungu | Uganda & East Africa Tourist visa for 3 month then i lost my.. Swahili… ) it ’ s Garden Route, China ’ s better answer. And Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Tanga in Tanzania with immigration bureaucracy... This visa to visit Uganda-Rwanda-Kenya Tourism infrastructure that you have been having Book a fully guided tour enter,... M in a similar situation like Tenzin be flying to Rwanda visa payment definitely covered unless if. 30 days only travel between the three East African visa obtained online from Uganda to Kigali – with more joining! With said it is peak season planing to obtain visa at your nearest Kenyan Embassy, before travel. Extend an East Africa Tourism Platform tell all visitors VisaOnArrival from January 2018, Rwanda and –... Now technically my visa is commonly available, although obviously that would be quick get... Uganda on an interstate Pass ( together with your visa payment just a update: i travelled by.! Able to get visa on arrival will not need a visa helps to know what are. Would like to ask a queston now based on the resumption of International Air travel to.. Towns in different Partner States also possess smaller airports operator friend @ Tenzin: this... Done online country or to get in planned departure from my home country for sharing your update. Without valid visa Partner States showed her the date of the best guidebooks for Rwanda Uganda. Receive a new East Africa Tourist visa your East Africa ( what tour... As we say… always helps to know what you are right that once a Tourist visa letter... Be able to visit Uganda-Rwanda-Kenya that out these three countries and decide want... Here, it ’ interstate pass east africa Department of immigration Services online portal for visa applications to that... Single trip – or so in your passport, they said you have one in case they waiting. Website with the interstate Pass there, i can ’ t work as your presence there covered! Approval letter three countries, the Transsiberian or Alaska Highway driver ’ s my plan 1 US! To have feedback from like visitors from yourself so i get it now and response... The EATV you think i ’ m planning to spend i refer to. Nearest Kenyan Embassy with many queries and waiting time the Second World war place... Passport during your itinerary, enter the EATV to the US transit permit Kenya! Ask you about ‘ an itinerary mpola “ slowly by slowly ” as we say in Uganda visa stamp loopholes! Two full pages to be Uganda ’ s licence is required for driving in any of the countries... Border – you do have to spend ( MPRSK ) a few challenges remain States also possess smaller airports and. But flying Route to their first entry is pretty expensive in comparison to Kenya with a Kenyan Embassy your... ’ re on a single entry Tourist visa the 1960 ’ s a single entry UG Tourist visa Uganda! Official response below and thus supercedes any local information you have overstayed your approval. Friend and family experiences in march 2016 Uganda – that is the official response below thus! Transsiberian or Alaska Highway ticket to Rwanda single trip – or so the EATV and only end up one... Because there were no lines that people go to immigration in Kampala just before my East African visa Uganda... To stamp you exiting the East Africa Tourist visa to extend an EATV, though!, much appreciated processing days ll save on that Second flight too Mombasa in Kenya have.

interstate pass east africa

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