X Research source Draw out a grid pattern for the tile layout on paper, and then on the subfloor itself, that reduces the number of tile cuts you need to make. I need some help on the best way to install a new toilet. You will need to be sure that your plywood is the right size and shape for the hole. Once you have your measurements down, you will need to get to the horizontal pipe and saw through right around 10 inches total away from the elbow. Determine the size of the section of plywood you want to install. Make any necessary adjustments so that it fits snugly against other pieces with at least 1/4 inch of clearance around the perimeter of the toilet flange. His published work includes material for major companies in the home improvement, plumbing, HVAC and power tool industry. Do-it-yourself home repair and plumbing projects are becoming increasingly popular and fitting tiles around the toilet flange is extremely easy work. The new floor is 3/16" thick... Hi, Can someone please tell me what is the best way to clean the gunk aroun... What Is the Correct Toilet Flange Height? Unless you remove the flange then reinstall, you'll have to cut the subfloor so that it can be slid underneath the flange. When a toilet is leaking from the base, you may need to replace your toilet flange. If you want to get top-quality brushes for toilet bowl then you can read this article for more details. Website operating how to mount a toilet flange to subfloor; Author: tbone52 (MN) I'm doing a remodel that adds a new 2nd floor bath. Cut a hole in the subfloor just large enough for the bottom part of the toilet flange to sit. Use your tile nippers to make sure each piece of tile will fit into the area surrounding the toilet flange. The grout will also need a day to dry. A flange is designed to sit with its lip on top of the finished floor with no gap under it. I used a press-fit style flange that has a rubber ring that compresses as it slides into the pipe to seal it off. While remodeling the bathroom, I ended up taking out the old subfloor because of rot around the old toilet. Measure from the nearest wall to the center of the toilet flange, and transfer the measurement to the plywood using a pencil or carpenter's crayon. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". It is important to note the height of the toilet flange after installing the plywood to maintain the proper height for the wax ring seal. Do not trace around the flat, outer portion of the flange; this part must lay flat on the subfloor to be screwed down. There are typically several bolts that hold the toilet in place against the wax seal and flange so be sure to loosen those first and save the hardware for later if you intend to reuse it. galvanized drywall screws to supply a solid, flat nailing surface. Attach the plywood section using exterior grade wood screws and a screw gun. In … Set a large compass to this measurement. If your piping is PVC, then use a PVC flange. DoItYourself.com®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Correct Way to Install Tile Around Toilet Flange. Blocking to support the ply edges is highly desireable. Make sure the flange you purchase is the same size and shape. Trace a circle around the top of the flange. Robert Ferguson has been a writer since 2000. The more accurate the measurements, the better off you will be. Mark the plywood with the measurement you took  in Step 1. Fasten the new subfloor patch in place, screwing … Measure over from the adjacent wall nearest the toilet flange to its center, transfer the measurements to the plywood and extend the mark using the framing square in the same fashion as you did in Step 3. Remove the two screws holding the bottom of the toilet to the flange using your pliers, lift the toilet off and set it aside. Once the tiles have been laid, you will need to let them set overnight to make sure that they are completely dry. The toilet gets attached to the flange after you've cut a hole for the flange pipe in the subfloor and screwed the flange ring to the floor. Fasten a 2x4 to the damaged joist with 3-in. Toilet flange repair kit: When a toilet flange with a broken bolt rail is difficult to remove from the drain pipe, consider using a repair kit. Once you have your plywood laid down and secured, you will be ready to lay your replacement tile down. You will need to be sure to measure from the back wall to the very middle of the flange. For example, the overall size of your bathroom, locations of existing plywood, vanity cabinets and bathtubs can all dictate the size of the piece you need. All information is provided "AS IS." Like with most projects, you will have to start out with some good measurements. Once you have done this you will be able to grout the tiles. So, what I am thinking is I basically cut a round or square I guess now that I think about it piece to go under the flange.

how to lay subfloor around toilet flange

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