I just think the 23 hits the sweet spot wuth bling and price. This beauty of a guitar is handmade and come with a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides. Godin Collection Cedar & Rosewood Classical Guitar From the Canadian guitar maker Godin comes the Collection Classical Guitar! Someones have also decoration in middle of the sides. I can still see it and hear it. Pale Moon Ebony is like no other wood that I have worked with. OM and Auditorium. Later, we got a 714-CE in the store that was also good, but it wasn't quite like the W14. Extend your Performance Warranty FREE - This week only Performance Guarantee - normal wear and tear is covered, so your product will be performing as well as the day you purchased it for the entire duration of the coverage. Call 088-633-6999. Loud 'n' Lively (see what I did there?)! It even sounded better when it was capo'd..( a 12 fret body characteristic I think). Sell One Like This; Listings Price ... Cordoba Orchestra CD/IN Acoustic Electric Nylon String Guitar. But the Furch cedar are absolutely stunning looking and sounding. Brazilian Rosewood. The rest of the guitar is in excellent condition. Check out a sweet one: Thanks for the suggestion. Granadillo is considered close to rosewood by some - I can say my 514ce-LTD (cedar over granadillo) is a wonderful guitar. A rich powerful sound full of overtones and depth. It has a great mellow sound. Quick Shipper. Classical. The sales rep brought it into our store to show it off and I was hooked. I haven't played a 714ce cedar, but I'm guessing there are a lot of similarities between the two. Disco'd a few years ago but you can find them around. High-quality gold-plated machine heads are fitted to add to the superb appearance of this instrument. 0034 609 642 121 / 0034 871 934 268 info@guitarrasmorales.guitars Idiomas: I have a taylor 716 ce with a cedar top. If you want a guitar that is responsive up and down the neck and will not lose depth and sustain with a capo, be balanced sounding and has been individually "voiced" so that you are not relying on luck in ordering a "good one", then the H&D is the way to go. I'll keep the Stonebridge G23CR in mind. This gorgeous instrument from Santa Cruz is a stellar example of their Firefly Model, in a fantastic set of Indian Rosewood paired with a Cedar top. A … The case and 2 sets of D'addarrio EJ11-3D strings are included. back to guitar models. I usually don't like cedar (heavy strummer). This guitar is beyond any other instrument I’ve owned. It is adorned with blue Paua purflings and rosette. NEWS. This guitar is a tremendous representation of the incredible workmanship of these instruments - with a smaller body size, the tone is articulate and deep, one that can fill a room with ease. SPECIFICATIONS:-East Indian rosewood back and sides-Western Red Cedar soundboard A small guitar with a big sound. 50 Series - East Indian Rosewood / Cedar We are pleased to offer the exciting opportunity to mix and match from selected and reserved Master Grade tone woods, including some of the finest figured woods available, with tonal responses to match. Having been a large body guitar guy up to that point, it's my small body guitar. A Blackwell guitar has a clean, simple, classic aesthetic that is balanced with a rich tone, depth, clarity and power. San Antonio, TX, United States. The custom…, Cedar Concert Cutaway Played by Dustin Furlow, Neck – Solid Mahogany (One Piece Construction). Rebecca has a gift for selecting the perfect tonewoods, and her guitars are capable of producing unbelievably deep, rich, resonant and complex sounds. Think your favorite couch guitar crossed with a travel sized guitar crossed with your go to recording guitar. Yea, I stumbled across a few Breedloves while doing a broad search by material on Reverb. This parlor size is easy to wrap your arms around and provides a loud, responsive and warm tone. Cedar and rosewood master model guitar with archangels decoration on soundhole rosette. This guitar was specifically built for the 2020 La Conner Guitar Festival. This guitar has Indian Rosewood back and sides by the way. I haven't played a 714ce cedar, but I'm guessing there are a lot of similarities between the two. It is in mint condition, with a few tiny nail marks on the soundboard. I ultimately traded it off because the tone didn't suit my style of playing (fingerstyle with fingertips, no nails) but what a great sounding guitar! Paul Fisher has experimented with a Rosewood from Brazil wood, Santos Palisander, with good results In their quest to find more affordable woods guitar builders have also used sapele, an African wood in the mahogany family, sycamore from central Europe, American walnut, Koa wood from Hawaii, and Bubinga a reddish brown wood from Cameroon and Gabon. If I was getting a (Joe Foley) bouzouki made from scratch tomorrow I would ask for a cedar top with Indian rosewood back and sides. The complexity of the tone, the overtones en clarity hit you immediately! Follow this Product. On the back and sides, East Indian rosewood complements with a strong complex bottom end and imparts an overall warmth to the tone of the guitar. George Lowden only chooses the best quality of Brazilian Rosewood. This Lowden F50c Brazilian Rosewood – Dark Cedar is build with mastergrade tonewoods. We are really liking this particular guitar as its tone is very full and responsive. Creative possibilities are endless with this wood. Played acoustically this guitar will produce a charming blend of incredibly full and satisfying tones. Not to take anything away from mahogany as many players will find it difficult to tell them apart, but the dedicated ear will notice a deeper, richer, sweeter tone coming from a rosewood guitar. Having been a large body guitar guy up to that point, it's my small body guitar. No matter what else I get on my journey, that one is a keeper. Generally considered the best tonewood for steel stringed instruments, Brazilian Rosewood is a highly prized choice for back and sides. This Hofner Solid Cedar Top Rosewood Body Classical Acoustic Guitar features a beautifully figured rosewood body, a cedar top and a high-gloss, polished finish. Spruce or Cedar? It retains the tone and lightness of a classical guitar, while offering the ergonomic features of a steel guitar with its cutaway design and neck construction. Cordoba Fusion 12 Orchestra Cedar & Rosewood Natural. Cordoba. It also features solid rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, a rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle, 2-tone gold and black "lyra" style tuners, and a semi-gloss satin finish. Classical and flamenco guitars for sale, also large selection of sheet music and recordings. It also comes with a very sleek arm Bevel that makes playing this guitar a real joy. Cedar is less dense than spruce, and its relative softness adds warmth to a guitar’s tone, especially for players with a softer touch, like fingerstylists or light to moderate strummers and pickers. Hosts Seattle Classic Guitar Society. Very complementary to my Martin. I just got my Father’s Day present early, an Elliott…, “Urlacher Guitars are easily the finest and best sounding acoustic instruments I have ever played. Top : Canadian Cedar Back & sides : Brazilian Rosewood Neck : Honduras Mahogany Gears : Rodgers. It seems as if every time the topic of classical guitar comes up in conversation, this question seems to spring up as well. It has an LR Baggs Lyric installed too! Acoustic Guitars. 0034 609 642 121 / 0034 871 934 268 info@guitarrasmorales.guitars Idiomas: Languages The Huss & Dalton will be miles above the Taylor in terms of tonal quality. Check out the video! I own both cedar/mahogany(514ce) and cedar/ rosewood(714ce) and spruce/rosewood(814ce) and I like to play all of them, but when pressed for the one guitar that would be considered my go to guitar it would be the 514ce, I am a strummer and a picker and love that guitar… More Info. This has been my demonstration guitar for the past few years. Featuring a Western Red Cedar top, and Indian Rosewood … Sam Ash San Antonio. GC32C Classical Guitar, Solid Cedar & Rosewood: 733076: Reserve. 947. Cedar Concert Cutaway Played by Dustin Furlow. Brian O’Shea has a bouzouki made using the same combination of woods and it sounds great. Goes Well With: Players who like a blend of brightness, projection and warm overtones. From the shop of a luthier of 15 years. Dustin's playing style brings out the warmth and sweet nuance of this guitar. Master model guitar, cedar and rosewood, pictures in the middle of the nature. Granadillo is considered close to rosewood by some - I can say my 514ce-LTD (cedar over granadillo) is a wonderful guitar. Preferred Seller. The Brazilian Rosewood is very dark coloured and straight figured wood with nice clear stripes. The Furch GNc 4-CR seamlessly melds the worlds of steel and nylon string guitars. Amazing fingerstyle guitar. Endangered and becoming very rare, Brazilian Rosewood has everything other Rosewoods have to offer and more. Quick Responder. The lightest touches will awaken an abundance of character. The tasteful body binding is in beech. I have owned a cedar/rosewood 12 fret dreadnought (Epiphone Masterbilt) that had everything I liked in an acoustic sound. It comes with a master grade Cedar top and East Indian Rosewood back/sides. I was smitten by the cedar/rosewood combo several years ago. I have a 1996 Cedar/RW Webber OM. Western Red Cedar and Indian Rosewood Concert Guitar Video. Also beautiful and very well made. There are only a few minor knicks on the headstock and some scratches that are hard to find unless you are actively looking for them. My latest build has made its way to Virginia Beach; in the hands of the incredibly talented fingerstyle guitarist, singer-songwriter, Dustin Furlow. I should say Furch/Stonebridge has the 22 series which is less bling but same wood quality and bracing. We can all agree that both materials have their respective advantages, and furthermore, that some players simply prefer the sound and look of one tonewood over the other. “It’s now been a little over a year since I bought #32 at LaConner, and I haven’t put it down yet. With a But the guitar that turned me on to cedar in the first place was the W14 (cedar/walnut). Starting the search for a smaller sized Cedar/Rosewood guitar and was hoping to get some suggestions on other similarly priced guitars to consider that are either in a OO, OM, or Auditorium size. If you want a guitar that will sound tinny and lose sustain and volume when you put a capo on it anywhere above the 3rd fret, then the Taylor is for you. Which is better? Brazilian Rosewood and Western Red Cedar pair well to provide a crisp, projective quality. I recently owned a Huss & Dalton MJC in cedar over IRW and it was a fantastic sounding guitar. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion, http://www.lowdenguitars.com/guitar-spec-original-ir-25, http://www.sgimarketplace.com/produc...-g23cr-c-72803, http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/3024154...=ps&dispItem=1. The figure and color contrast are mesmerizing. Lowden F-25. My Fans Page: https://www.facebook.com/StevenLawCheung http://stevenlaw.wordpress.com There were a few Masterclass instruments that stood out amongst the crowd, and if I do consider a Breedlove, I would prefer one that is unabashedly Breedlove. My 514ce has strong projection, both clarity with overtones, (I know that doesn't sound right), and really beautiful capo'd up, a great player. Players with a strong attack are often better paired with spruce. Artist Rosewood Bowman Bass Cedar Fullbody £ 1,899.00 The Bowman is our take on the classic orchestra model but it has been fine tuned with tapered sides to give this guitar … Brand new Lowden S-25 with and Indian Rosewood body and a Red Cedar Top. Effectively stylised as a 'Mini-Jumbo', the firefly boasts a feel and tone you'd be hard pressed to believe possible from its stature and shorter 24" scale length. A smaller-bodied walnut guitar with a cedar top would likely appeal to fingerstyle players, while flatpickers and strummers on a larger body with a spruce top will find ample horsepower, low end and crisp highs to support an aggressive attack. It is a tremendous combination. My latest build has made its way to Virginia Beach; in the hands of the incredibly talented fingerstyle guitarist, singer-songwriter, Dustin Furlow. Visit audio video below, played by Dustin Furlow. Not quite as bright/twangy as a Taylor but moving in that direction. The wood grain of the rosewood is quite unique, characterized by tight, narrow bands arranged in a meandering, wavy patter. Cedar tops require a significantly shorter break-in period than spruce tops, giving them a big voice fresh out of the box. I use it for both flatpicking and fingerpicking. Classic combination of Western Red Cedar and Old Growth East Indian Rosewood; this guitar possesses warmth and clarity and is responsive to a light touch. The old Breedlove Cascade series was rosewood/cedar and they are nice lively guitars. I have a '98 714-CE and have had a GS7e (both cedar/rosewood). Lowden WL-25 Wee Lowden Cedar and Indian Rosewood The Lowden WL-25 Wee Lowden is simply an incredible sound in a small body.

cedar and rosewood guitar

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