145-155. Taiwan guava can also be planted in the hedge-row system at a spacing of 4 ft x 6 ft or 6 ft x 3 ft. For high density and ultra-high density planting, the spacing between rows and plants must be less. Guava meadow orchard: Effect of ultra high density planting and growth regulators on growth, flowering and fruiting. Mohammed S, Wilson LA, Prendergast N (1984). HIGH DENSITY PLANTING •Pioneered for temperate fruits in Europe. Studies on bronzing in guava. The low density planting at a spacing of 10 x 10 m accommodates 100 plants/ha (40 plants/acre), the moderate density at a spacing of … •First planted in Europe at the end of 1960. Tropical Agriculture, 61(4): 297-301. Panse VG, Sukhatme PV (1985). Rama Publishing House, Meerut . 112. Key words: Guava, Ultra High Density Planting (UHDP), planting spacing, INTRODUCTION The continuing decline in the availability of cultivable land, rising energy, taxes, production cost and land cost together with the mounting demand of horticultural produce, have given thrust to the concept of high density planting of horticultural crops. Keywords: Guava, spacing, pruning, yield Introduction In India, guava is the fourth most important fruit crop after mango, banana and citrus in terms of area and production. Control of pests Standard spacing for guava is 6 m × 6 m. Whereas, high density planting consists of planting at 3 m × 1.5 m, 3 m × 3 m and 6 m × 3 m. Meadow orcharding which is an ultra-high density planting accommodates 5000 plants/ha planted at 2 m × 1 m distance (Singh, 2008). Keywords: guava, planting, pruning intensity and yield Introduction The guava (Psidium guajava L.) the apple of tropics is one of the important fruit crops of India. Normally, in ultra-high density plantation, a row-to-row distance of 6 … Pg. 3.High density planting with per acre population of 1000 plants. Guava meadow orchard: Effect of ultra high density planting and growth regulators on growth, flowering and fruiting. Guava is rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and minerals like calcium, phosphate and iron. Trop. Manure and fertilizer. •In other words, it … Advances in Horticulture and Forestry , 1: 55-63. In mango three different methods of high density planting viz., low density, moderate density and high density planting are followed. In: Statistical methods for Agriculture workers. and secondly to manage high density (Kaur & Dhaliwal, 2001). ICAR, New Delhi, pp. Raja E and Singh G (1990). The ultra high density plantation in 2 x 1 m and 2 x 2 m produced High density planting technique is a modern method of litchi cultivation involving planting of litchi trees densely, allowing small or dwarf trees with modified canopy for better light interception and distribution and ease of mechanised field operations. Phillips RL (1969). Ultra High Density Planting System Recently, experiment conducted by TNAU in collaboration with Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (JISL), Udumalpet revealed that we can go for still closer spacing of 3 x 2 m called Ultra High Density Planting System (UHDP). Prahash O (1980). •HDP is defined as planting at a density in excess of that which gives maximum crop yield at maturity if the individual tree grows to its full natural size. Agric. 61(4):297-301. Owing to awareness and increase in consumption of fresh fruits, the productivity of guava must be increased by adopting techniques like high density … After the success of guava meadow plantation at KVK Demonstration Farm the planting distance of 3 X 2.25 providing an average yield of 262 q/ha was recommended by KVK for new guava growers in ultra high density meadow plantation.
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