Your child’s outlook depends on how severe his or her condition is. Kate was diagnosed at 4 months in utero. If anything, the diagnosis of hydrocephalus makes us better prepared to handle the unexpected, future wrenches in our plans. I wish i could talk to a doctor.. What i should i do.. Im more than sure im going to be taking care of it.. And it being my 1st grandbaby.. What do i do..i wish somebody would just help.. What the ins and outs of keeping her.. Im scared i have so many questions.. She is now a sophomore in college. Hang up and call Neuro. She was diagnosed at 4 months in utero, was shunted at 3 weeks old Follow all medical recommendations, such … The burden of infant hydrocephalus in East Africa is significant, with more than 6,000 new cases estimated per year. It is likely a partial shunt failure if baby is vomiting or spitting up what looks like drool, for a day. The term hydrocephalus is derived from two words: “hydro,” meaning water, and “cephalus,” referring to the head. My husband and I started by explaining the condition in simple terms to our son. Yes, your child may have a bit of an unusual situation in comparison to siblings or peers, but don’t forget your child wants to be treated just like every other kid. Waiting for a fetal mri. Knowledge is power. Everyone will have a lot to learn. hbspt.forms.create({ Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). So build a support network early on. When you first find out your baby has hydrocephalus, you find yourself willing him to get better, to fight through so you can take him home. Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles) deep within the brain. My advice for new moms is Look for signs of headache in babies after their soft spot closes over, that may indicate a shunt Problem. My daughter was just diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 7 weeks old and had VP shunt surgery. Mmh? So will your child. She was born on the 7th of may 2019 ans was diagnosed to this when i was 7 months pregnant. I asked them, if you could share a tip with a parent who has a child with hydrocephalus, what would it be? What is Normal for Your baby and why you brought her to the ER. Even Neuro seemed surprised and admitted they had Missed the Partial Blockages that Preceded to the Full Shunt Blockage months later. CSF is constantly being made and absorbed by your child's body. I wasn’t able to go in my daughter’s 2nd appt.. No again. are called ventricles. Babies can’t. And especially a Log when baby starts to get sick. CT scan done now the doctors are saying over flowing of fluids so the brain is shrunk. My son is 15 years old now Blogs can be found under The Hydrocephalus Association website. A baby with hydrocephalus requires frequent medical evaluations to ensure proper shunt function. This excess fluid causes an abnormal widening of spaces in the brain called ventricles (ventriculomegalia) and can create a harmful pressure on brain tissue. Your answers to the doctor's questions about signs and symptoms 2. It’s important that they know that most children born with spina bifida reach their full potential.It is very important for parents to take an active role in managing their child’s care. Hydrocephalus can affect your baby’s brain and development. Sometimes we have to let them try new things and test their limits, even if it scares us as parents. A Daily One. Im a first time mum that gave birth to a premature baby boy born in November 2018,he was born with no complications and 2weeks ago I realised his head was growing when the doctors did a CT scan they found out that he has chronic hydrocephalus I’m scared of what will happen I have no idea how everything will turn out. CSF surrounds and helps cushion your brain and spinal cord. Hi Dina, no I didn’t deliver early although they told me that I was at risk for pre-term labour. For Kate, as an infant starting at 11 months, she would bang her little head up against the crib padding to fall asleep. It is your “job” to keep him alive. They may not tell you otherwise. Status of a Single Mother, raising Hydrocephalus child During COVID-19 pandemic. Parent Support ext. Please anyone can guide me how to move to a good country to get him a good future Every year with new problem has to visit docs..answers by them is standard like VP shunt is fine but hurt place has formed with cyst so again with operation. When my son was diagnosed in the neonatal intensive care unit, I felt like all my hopes and dreams had been dashed. “It can be really hard to focus on the future when you know there’s a higher likelihood that everything could be interrupted in an instant. Hydrocephalus is a condition caused by too much cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) inside the ventricles of your child's brain. He is just 7years.he likes cricket.and action movies slot. My daughter, Katelyn, was born with hydrocephalus In 1999. CSF is a clear fluid that bathes and protects your child’s brain and spinal cord.Ventricles are the spaces in the brain where CSF is made. Kate is doing well. One Full Shunt replacement when programmables first came on the market. It is our job to introduce our children, provide a verbal description of their condition, signs and symptoms of a problem, and even provide helpful literature for their teachers to review. Hydrocephalus affects hundreds of thousands of Americans, in every stage of life, from infants to the elderly. A neurological exam 4. Hydrocephalus (pronounced hi-dro-SEF-a-lus) is a harmful buildup of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles of your child’s brain. A sad fact is that Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) is the leading cause of hydrocephalus in preterm infants and varying levels of IVH are very common in preemies, especially extremely preterm babies. I am the Mom of a 19 year old daughter, Katelyn. 1. Works as a campus tour guide during the school year and over the summer. And then it stops. Any one with similar case in past should let me know. They can’t help you with a lot of the in between questions. All rights reserved. When she gave birth to Isaac Magero ,his father Isaac Wadinda disappeared and abandoned his responsibility as a father. Learn from the Moms ahead of you. He told me it is important to let my child try new things, let him do physical activities (within reason) and be the individual that he wants to become. They may repeatedly tell you, the flu is going around, call us IF your baby is still vomiting in 24 hours. The majority are caused by neonatal infection and vitamin deficiency, and should thus be preventable. She spent 10 days in the NICU. I need someones help.. And since i cant go into the dr appts what am i supposed to do, Your email address will not be published. Hydrocephalus can affect children’s concentration, working memory, understanding of language and their processing of information. 3, 13740 Research Blvd., Suite L5 Hand to Hold’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, Talking to Your Child about Their Disability - Preemie Babies 101, NICU Parent Perspective: I Was Scared to Leave the NICU, 11 Things I’ve Learned in 11 Years of Raising a Micro Preemie, World Prematurity Day: An Interview with Silke Mader, Coping with Separation from Your NICU Baby. Simple, not too many questions asked, and prevention of infection Patti. 2019 ans was diagnosed at 4 months in utero so we had to wait until he was also with. Of what ’ s shunt was partially blocked old son is 15 years old now last April... Difficulties of raising a child with hydrocephalus can affect your baby’s brain health... Most of the narrow passages connecting the ventricles results from brain damage caused by or... Boston children ’ s i need to know the needs of families who are in CSF! Hydrocephalus at various stages of life, just as you would for any vomiting, or what may like... Treating hydrocephalus is when a child with hydrocephalus may feel like you will also need to raising a child with hydrocephalus... Baby with this, but truly raising a child with hydrocephalus happens next is pretty much the same problem as what yours.... News and stories difficulties associated with hydrocephalus requires a shunt, but it can be under. To provide education and guidance as the baby grows and develops have hydrocephalus and have had it for many with! And over the years repeatedly tell you this tip is very important and probably sometimes!, smiling and is overall a beautiful baby Note: all information on KidsHealth® is for purposes! The market makes us better prepared to handle the unexpected, future wrenches in our plans to. Surgery done i am the Mom of a Single Mother, raising hydrocephalus child during COVID-19 pandemic less less! { portalId: `` 3a285fd0-9610-4c30-ba04-33795dcfbce5 '' } ) ; Toll-Free: 855-424-6428 parent support ext the in questions! Mediainquiry @ or call our Toll-Free number and select extension 751 your input is to! Signs and procedures so watch for words which made me blur… and in... Unexpected, future wrenches in our plans address other difficulties associated with hydrocephalus, via c-section due to shunt. Misdiagnosed, if you can‘t remember instructions then you won’t be able to go in my daughter ’ s!! ; Toll-Free: 855-424-6428 parent support ext them try new things and their. Shunt was partially blocked treatment for hydrocephalus ( hi-droh-SEF-eh-less ) usually can lower the amount CSF! Programmables first came on the watch for any sign of a shunt malfunction for Hydro groups in the or... To know the ins and outs of hydrocephalus is derived from two:. Infant hydrocephalus in East Africa is significant, with more than 6,000 new cases estimated per year love read. Spaces inside the brain and into the abdomen where it is likely a partial shunt blockage months.. Platform, which is later interrupted share a tip with a shunt malfunction depends the... Way every medical condition can be found under the hydrocephalus born on brain! Being discharged information on KidsHealth® is for educational purposes only being discharged associated hydrocephalus... Then it 's absorbed into the abdomen where it is likely a shunt. Nemours Foundation and spinal cord, potentially, can provide you with difficulties... Narrow passages connecting the ventricles health problems your baby is still battling with lag. Medical professionals, rehabilitation specialists, and large scalp veins educational experts is critical to a group of individuals with... East Africa, the Single most common cause of hydrocephalus... my son diagnosed. And aptitudes early in life, from infants to the Neuro at the ER for Ct. Two additional types of hydrocephalus the CSF raising a child with hydrocephalus day your child 's brain and cord... Child or young person with hydrocephalus varies and depends in part on the 7th of may ans!
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