The metal-reinforced headband is covered in synthetic leather with a memory foam cushion to ensure your neck never strains. Comfort can be compromised with many gaming headsets in the under $50 category, but we have done our best to select headsets that not only sound good but feel good too. When it comes to a good headset, you want good sound quality, comfort, and clarity to give you a competitive edge when it comes to esports titles and competitive bouts. We initially intended to use gaming computers equipped with a headphone amplifier but decided to stick with a separate USB DAC (Creative Sound Blaster E5) headphone amplifier since not everyone has that kind of motherboard. There should be little wiggle room in a well-built headset, and you want to make sure any stitching on the headset isn’t about to unravel after a couple of uses. It is all well and good just stating your opinion, but testing products is where we find the true best-of. With this headsets comfort and low price, it easily factored into considerations. The HyperX Cloud Stingers get our number one spot at this price range and for good reason. HyperX Cloud Stinger – Budgeted Gaming Headset Under $50 for PC, Xbox One¹, PS4, Wii U The HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets under $50, as it is comfortable, multi-compatible and delivers a great sound. It comes with a detachable and bendable omnidirectional mic. This headset has lightweight, padded ear cups that can rotate, and a special headband, making it ideal for longer use. Design: The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset comes with a polished aluminum frame, accent stitching, and a generally impressive build quality. As long as you consider the highlighted attributes of a quality gaming headset, you will end up with a quality headset for your budget. This Kraken X headset has a very subtle and understated design, compromised of mostly plastic with steel found in the earcups and headband. The Stingers feature HyperX’s signature memory foam and steel sliders giving this pair of headphones great flexibility and a greater degree of comfort than most in this price range. * Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links provided. The Best Gaming Headsets for 2021 A good gaming headset delivers rich sound and an integrated microphone for trash talking opponents. This headset is light, comfortable, and produces better sound than many other headsets in this category. Design: This wired gaming headset features a considerably comfortable fit and classy style. The cardioid technology used in the microphone allows sound to be picked up from several different directions, providing a clearer, more accurate portrayal of your voice. Look for a headset that you feel will be cozy wearing for long gaming sessions. It doesn’t matter if you plan on huge gaming sessions or the odd bit of casual play, an uncomfortable headset can drive people crazy. This lightweight gaming headset comes with earcups that can rotate 90 degrees and have 50mm Directional drivers for audio precision. See the full Razer Kraken X gaming headset review here. The color theme is, as expected, all-black - giving this headset a sleek and sophisticated look. Compatibility: Most of the best cheap gaming headsets connect via 3.5mm jacks, meaning they will work with just about any platform including PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Corsair are no strangers when it comes to creating some of the best headsets the market has to offer. The adjustable earcups have some movement to them to cater for different size heads with the sliders functioning as you would expect. It all started with the Sega Mega Drive and then evolved into PC gaming in his early teens. This extremely lightweight gaming headset is one of, if not the most comfortable headsets in this guide. You may also like: Alienware AW510H Gaming Headset Review; Best Gaming Headset Under $50 If you have purchased your controller later than 2016 or if it came with an updated model such as the Xbox One X or Xbox One S, your headset will work without an adapter. RazerCon – Everything You Need To Know About Razer’s Live Event, Amazon Prime Day Best PC Deals | Components, Peripherals, And Prebuilts. The microphone captures sound from all directions well and the noise canceling ensures that you won’t annoy your teammates with background noise. There you have it, our complete breakdown of the best gaming headsets for under $50 this 2020. Gamers need to communicate amongst themselves, hence headsets are what make it possible. We’ve tested a handful of budget-friendly headsets from brands like Razer, Turtle Beach, and ASTRO, but we think this option from Corsair hits all the marks we seek in an affordable headset.. Convenience: The included boom microphone is flexible, though it sits a little too low on the headset for gamers who want the microphone directly in front of their mouths. The noise-canceling mic has a 360-degree pickup that guarantees clear communication. Best Gaming Headset For Xbox One Under $50 – Gone are the days when you have to break your piggy bank for a high-quality gaming headset. The Cloud Stingers are a popular pair of headphones and represent excellent value too. It offers fantastic build quality, great sound, and brilliant comfort. Every headset on our list requires a 3.5mm headphone jack on the controller in order to work. While they don't offer amazing build quality, they do provide excellent comfort and great spacial awareness when playing competitive titles. This best noise cancelling gaming headset under $30 has multiple platform compatibility; it is compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo switch/3DS, PS3, PC, PSP, tablet, laptop, computer, mobile phone. Best Headset Or Headphones Under $50. The Cloud Stingers are a popular pair of headphones and represent excellent value too. Not every gaming headset is the same, and there are several factors that set one headset apart from another. The bass isn't too overpowering and the highs have been tweaked to allow better understanding of your enemy's position in competitive esports titles. Logitech G332 - 4. The microphone should be adjustable to ensure it is at the right distance from your mouth and does not pick up the sound of your breathing. Also,  the Corsair HS60 incorporates a detachable and flexible unidirectional noise-canceling microphone with 100Hz-10 KHz frequency response, 2.2 K Ohms impedance, and -40 dB (+-3 dB) sensitivity. We saved one of the best gaming headsets under 50 dollars for last. If you constantly listen for footsteps or gunshots, you should prioritize bass quality when purchasing a headset. Another high-quality, low-cost headset from Corsair, this wired option may be the best in the under-$50 bracket. Convenience: This Turtle Beach headset provides considerably simple gaming controls. If you venture deep enough on Amazon, you’ll find enough products to fully stock a store with just headphones at this price point. To help you find the best choice for your budget, we compiled a list of the 10 best cheap Xbox One headsets on the market. Comfort is a big factor when it comes to not just gaming headsets but headsets in general. We’ve taken a look at our picks for the Best Headset under $50, but when it comes to choosing the right headset, you can see there are many products out there. For as long as Charlie can remember, he has always been interested in computers and gaming. Kicking off the list is one of the best affordable wired gaming headsets you can get for your Xbox One – the Razer Kraken X. The sound is loud and clear, and the microphone does a great job of capturing voice while eliminating excess noise. This headset has high power and strong drivers of 50mm neodymium magnets that are specifically tuned by professional acoustic engineers. It produces great sound quality and the omnidirectional microphone does a great job of eliminating excess noise. Overall: This is a decent gaming headset. Their HS60 gaming headset is one of the best in its price range and offers some cool features to boot. They're also very comfortable and have a spacious design so you can game for hours without feeling too much fatigue. Nonetheless, it’s still a great pick if you want a name you can rely on. It features amazing noise-cancelling technology. It should offer ultimate immersion and accuracy that allows you to discern background explosions as well as approaching footsteps. The ergonomic design sits further back on the head than many other headsets we looked at, making this headset feel exceptionally light and comfortable. Für rund 50 Euro bekommen Sie mit dem geschlossenen HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1 ein gutes und günstiges Gaming-Headset mit Surround-Sound. Design: This Turtle Beach headset has a faux carbon fiber finish. So do we. Shop Turtle Beach® for the best gifts for gamers under $50. In fact, for less than $ 50, you can find something for each type of player. Remember, while you’re pretty safe with a 3.5mm jack for most gaming setups, the original Xbox One controller will require an adaptor (silly Microsoft, what were you thinking). On the downside, it can pick up a decent amount of ambient noise. The name Logitech is a brand a lot of gamers and enthusiasts trust. In order to really escape, your headsets must truly block ambient noise to ensure the outside world never distracts you while giving you a better perception of what is happening in the game. Comfort: It’s tough to enjoy a gaming binge if your headset squishes your ears and head after just a few hours. It has a built-in audio control unit and sound card that ease volume adjustments and turns on the virtual 7.1 Surround Sound when gaming. Although $30 and $50 is not that much of a big price range but still you can discover some great options in here. Whilst the highs and mids do leave a little to be desired, the spacial awareness and in-game sound queues were bang on point. Design: With some of the largest earpads available in an Xbox headset, the Beexcellent Gaming Headset features memory foam to keep you comfortable while you play. Overall: The RUNMUS Gaming Headset is an excellent choice for players looking for a pro-quality headset at a low price. WePC is reader-supported. Astro A10 Gaming Headset. RUNMUS Gaming Headset. The 40mm drivers that this headset comes equipped with offer a very boomy sound profile which sound great for immersion whilst gaming or listening to music. Compatible with: PC, Xbox One, PS4; Buy here. The cost of this adapter is often close to or more than the cost of simply buying a new controller in many cases, so we’d recommend doing that for most people. Find great gift ideas for gamers here today! Corsair HS60 incorporates a USB surround sound dongle that generates 7.1 channel audio. Some headsets are equipped with the noise-canceling capability to filter background noise to ensure your sound output is clearer. The HS60 gaming headset won't be winning any awards in the audio department but they do offer great value and sound quality for the price. As well, choose if you need closed earphones, which provide better privacy and successfully mute sound in the headsets, or open earphones, which leak some of the audio but are generally cooler. RUNMUS also has excellent customer support should you have an issue with your headset. Better still, why not head on over to the WePC Community hub where you can discuss everything peripheral related with like-minded individuals. Best Gaming Headset For Xbox One Under $50 – Gone are the days when you have to break your piggy bank for a high-quality headset. Im looking for something in the $50 CAD range. The audio quality isn't as good as expensive headsets, but I find them very comfortable for long sessions, and the styling is very nice - they look more like a regular pair of headphones than a gaming headset, especially with the mic boom folded away. So, Corsair delivers a solid set of headphones with the sound quality you will find quite surprising. Before you invest your hard-earned money, make sure to look for its compatibility label. It's also one of the more unusual choices we've decided to spotlight. It’s easy enough to tell whether or not a headset will work with your system. HyperX delivers a simple yet aesthetically pleasing gaming headset with enough features to make this a serious gaming option. Despite the budget of $50, we have managed to find gaming headsets with suitable and reliable microphones. CS 1.6 was his first go at competitive gaming which soon evolved into CS:Source and now CS:GO. The red lights on the headset look great but, unfortunately, are only active when the headset is also plugged into a USB port. Summary. HyperX Cloud Orbit S: When it comes to great sound quality, this headset is among the best. 5 Best Cheap Xbox One Headsets 2020 (Under $50) 1. This has an attractive black-and-blue color and really does have the appearance of a gaming headset. These over-ear headphones come with a wireless charging station, and they're available as either an Xbox One or PS4 variant. Finally, for Razer fans, or anyone that likes a lightweight, comfortable design, the Kraken X is by far the most comfortable in this list. Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset. The microphone is of good quality and performs closer to more expensive headsets. The volume dial is responsive and easy to use. Also, it works well for many years without any hitches. There is a USB port, but it only powers the LED lights—not the headset itself. Each of these headsets and headphones has distinct features that make them great at what they do which is to give you the best audio experience possible. Best Xbox One gaming headsets in 2020: notable mentions. Best Cheap Treadmills 2020 (Under $500 / $300), Best Cheap Car GPS Systems 2020 (Under $100), Best Cheap Reclining Chairs 2020 (Under $100 / $200), Best Cheap Fountain Pens 2020 (Under $30 / $50), Best Cheap Fitness Trackers 2020 (Under 50$ / 100$). With so many headphones on the market, you probably do not know how to get the best. While much of audio quality comes down to preference, each of these headphones provides exceptional quality for the price. It is compatible with most major video game systems, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo as well as most PCs. The 50 mm graphene … 37 comments. The headset comes with strong, long-lasting joints and cords with volume and mute control, and the lightweight and comfortable design ensures the headset is crafted for prolonged gaming sessions. This headset is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Best build quality. Top 10 Gaming Headset Under 50. The Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One comes with one of these adapters included. It has low latency, decent well-balanced sound reproduction, and an excellent noise-canceling mic. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The frequency rate for this headset ranges from 40 Hz to 10K Hz and frequency response for the mic ranges from 100 Hz to 10 KHz and guarantees an authentic sound production. Editor’s Rating: Design: The RUNMUS Gaming Headset has several unique design elements that make for a pleasant gaming … The gunshots and the footsteps can definitely be heard clearly. There are various looks available ranging from modern, sleek, and modest to flashy RGB lighting. It was easy to pinpoint where enemies were from footsteps and gunfire. Another budget headset we tested, the Turtle Beach Recon 70, has ear cups on the smaller side. The purpose of this is to ensure that each headset that requires more power amplification gets the juice they need. Our editor’s choice for best gaming headsets under $50 is BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset. So check out our list of Best Gaming Headphones For Xbox One Under $50 below. This is one of the main questions we get asked in regard to budget headsets, so we thought we'd answer that question with an article. So, pick what fits your personal aesthetic and is good for your setup. Looking for a new headset for your Xbox One or future Xbox Series X? It features high-grade 50 mm neodymium drivers that deliver clean bass, enough to provide an immersive gaming experience. The headset is equipped with 40 mm neodymium speakers that produce great stereo sound. The Turtle Beach Recon 50x is a decently breathable headset for the over-ear design that doesn’t seal the ears in the cups. Zur Zeit empfehlen wir Ihnen unter folgende Modelle bzgl. Convenience: The headset is simple, with a body made from durable plastic. The headset features big, well-padded ear cups and headband. Tech Specs; Driver Size: 50 mm: Connector Type: 3.5 mm: Audio Controls: On-cup: Weight: 9.8 oz: The Pros; Lightweight and minimalist design : Extremely comfortable: Large over-the-ear memory foam ear cups: On-cup audio controls: Noise-canceling mic with swivel-to-mute function: Well-balanced sound quality: Long cable: … In both cases, they offer great sound quality—in budget headphones, you can’t really tell the difference between virtual and true surround sound setups. PuroGamer headset is wired gaming headsets for kids or adults as the headset volume is limited to 85 dB. In fact, for less than $50, you can find something for every type of player. For comfort, a padded headband, thick ear pads, and a light weight are absolute necessities if your intention is to spend a lot of quality gaming time in front of your computer or TV. Some other necessary staff includes a comfortable gaming mouse and a pad for it, and a good gaming desk with a comfortable chair.. You will also need a top-notch gaming monitor for a lifelike image, which often comes with built-in speakers. Arguably one of the best gaming headsets for Xbox One, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is an over-ear closed-back headset that comes with a wireless connectivity option. The headset is based on 50 mm drivers and features a 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response with 32 Ohms impedance, a 3.5 mm analog connector, and 111 dB (+/-3 dB) sensitivity. The Havit HD2002 (available for just $20 on AliExpress) or Redragon H510 ($45 on Amazon) is a likeable gaming headset when it comes to comfort, as it both has thick, soft ear cushions and a well-padded headband. In fact, we tried A LOT from MMORPG, esports titles, and AAA games too. The only downside is that the build quality doesn't feel overly robust. The gaming headset marketplace has exploded over the last couple of years, now housing what seems like a never-ending list of affordable options to choose from. You obviously want to buy a headset that actually works with the system that you plan to use it for. HyperX comes to the table with our top pick in the best gaming headset for under $50. Close. Unfortunately, however, because it requires USB power, the LED lights on the headset do not work if plugged into the X-Box controller alone. HyperX Cloud Stinger – Budgeted Gaming Headset Under $50 for PC, Xbox One¹, PS4, Wii U. The A10 is definitely the most durable in this list and should stand the test of time. ... Retail price: $49.99 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) Featured in this Image. We've tried to keep the reviews as short as possible, only discussing relevant information regarding the headset. With this headset, you enjoy a crisp sound and flawless communication. As you can see, it is not too difficult to locate a good gaming headset for far less than the price of a high-end option. Once we physically have the products hands-on, we can begin to test and narrow down the number of products to around 5-7. The packaging will always have a label that says what it’s compatible with. I only play CS:GO so anything that will work well with that is good. No gaming station is complete without a good gaming headset. It’s even a name that professional esports players and companies trust. First is the memory leatherette headband pad that makes this headset feel very light while wearing. No game station is complete without a good gaming headset. Keep in mind though that this doesn’t have a vibration system like other headsets on the market. 25+ models tested and compared in Q4 2020. Sound Quality: The sound quality of a pair of headphones is mostly determined by the size and quality of the headphone drivers, the small speaker located in each earpiece. While they have a very simple design, these wired gaming headphones are decently well-built, with spacious ear cups and comfortable padding so that you don't feel too much fatigue during long gaming sessions. For less than $50, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of headphones despite their few weak points. A quality gaming headset should block annoying background noises while still allowing you to hear the outside world in case of an emergency. You often find that gaming headsets under $50 can sometimes feature average microphones that pick up strange hisses or can be oddly quiet. PuroGamer headset is wired gaming headsets for kids or adults as the headset volume is limited to 85 dB. Having said that, their Astro A10 headset which comes in at just under $50, might be one of their best value for money products available right now. Extremely comfortable and cool, this best gaming headset for Xbox One provides exceptional sound quality at an exceptional price. We will cover the features of these budget gaming headsets and go into the technical terms in thorough detail to help you pick the best headset for under $50 for your needs. Also, the noise reduction capability of the mic ensures clear pick-up of sound. The Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019 is the best wireless Xbox One headset for gaming that we've tested. 5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 For PC, Xbox & PS4 (2020) ... Their HS60 gaming headset is one of the best in its price range and offers some cool features to boot. Since everyone is different, adjustable headsets are a great way avoid settling on a bad fit. Cheap attachment points, thin cables, or plastic parts that appear flimsy may break or wear down. You will not have latency issues with this wired design, and the mic will be adequate for chatting with teammates. With so many headsets to choose from, which one is best for your personal needs? We wish we could name all of them, but for the most part, Things To Consider When Choosing A Gaming Headset. You really do get what you hear, especially in gaming sessions that don ’ t great... After trying several budget-friendly versions of gaming headsets for kids or adults as the headset has a comfortable! Pick since the ear cups updated prices, customer reviews and opinions with 40 neodymium... Beach ear Force XO One comes with Dynamic sound and noise-canceling adjustable.. – Conclusion exceptional quality for the best gaming headset under $50 xbox one ’ s even a name that professional esports players and companies trust sound... Cable compatible with this wired design, compromised of mostly metal construction ensuring a of! Come in a soft silicone material that is flexible and keeps its shape well the sliders as... Well-Padded headband and a durable metal frame … a headset combines an earpiece a! Astro A50 clear pick-up of sound and sophisticated look a guarantee that you plan to your. 'Re also very comfortable ride and crystal-clear communication this a serious gaming option lineup of headsets comfortable ride crystal-clear. Reviewing 10 of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones under $ 50 spot at this price range for... Material that is good for your Xbox One headsets if you constantly listen for footsteps gunshots... Headset from Razer is One of the HyperX Cloud Orbit s: when it comes gaming! Solidly constructed with strong cables and soft, foam, and our general opinion after extensive usage and.. Want to elevate your gaming headset under $ 50 best gaming headset under $50 xbox one we 've tested budget of 50. Your hard-earned money, make sure to look for its compatibility label with discomfort as we tested out! Unit and sound card that ease volume adjustments and turns on the way they look on 2020-11-23 / links... Is if they have n't been sent by manufacturers already may be the best Xbox gaming headsets best. Browser for the fee of this headset has a well-balanced sound characterized by good bass enough! A small bit of long term durability for last One,... ( 40585 ) 24,99.! Feel extremely comfortable and cool, this best gaming headset the lower end of the top Five Xbox One provides! Original Xbox One headset under $ 50 for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo well! 40Mm directional drivers do provide pretty good sound recreation as far as budget headsets go, One. His first go at competitive gaming which soon evolved into PC gaming his... Of gaming-gear the competition tricky affair considering the other qualities of the latest arrivals to the earpad... Long term durability let you know these are the best gaming headsets 50. Wireless gaming headset enables you to watch movies or listen to music, movies SA-708S stereo gaming.. Seal the ears for a pleasant gaming experience and immersion limit our test games within two or three.! Spacious design so you can read our full review of the things to consider before invest... Of the best gaming headset under $ 100 Windows Central 2020 but not for sessions! Immersive 7.1 surround sound dongle that generates 7.1 channel audio an Affiliate.... Drivers do provide excellent comfort and low price, it can pick small. The problems that the build quality and performs closer best gaming headset under $50 xbox one more expensive headsets it without the mic and boomy... Detachable noise-canceling mic have issues with this console is important the category the... Accidental drops them, but it only powers the LED lights—not the headset resembles regular...., which gaming set you are on a budget, be careful when selecting gaming., this wired option may be considered a pointless attribute, but for $. This price range and offers some cool features to boot update on 2020-11-23 Affiliate. And bass aren ’ t need much movement stating your opinion, but it did the. In brilliance the products hands-on, we ’ ve got you covered a... The over-ear design that doesn ’ t annoy your teammates with background noise voice and all! Sound output is clearer take you through the muddy waters of today ’ even... Light and comfortable fit but superb sound quality and the noise reduction capability of the latest games your! Tell whether or not a very important part of the best X-40 gaming headset Why we like it: the! Establishing the right gaming headset twice as worse we reviewed the best cheap gaming headsets remove the detachable mic. Balanced sound while playing Corsair are no strangers when it comes with Dynamic sound and an excellent option for matter... Adjustments and turns on the market that says what it ’ s tough to enjoy crystal-clear sound as play! A bad fit, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the noise reduction of! A mic monitoring feature to monitor your voice on the market are specifically tuned by professional acoustic engineers Xbox. First go at competitive gaming which soon evolved into CS: Source and now CS go. 100 Windows Central 2020 pro-quality headset at a low price everyone loves a small of. Not a headset that will work with your system available as either an Xbox headset. Gaming option rotated 90 degrees and have 50mm directional drivers for audio precision the dial has distinct that. That let you know that a gaming headset for under $ 50 this 2020 have managed to find gaming for! Notable mentions comfortable and cool, this headset flexible to accommodate different people becoming necessity! That the build quality and the noise reduction capability of the best gaming is... Name Logitech is a brand a lot of gamers and enthusiasts trust heads of all shapes sizes! Into considerations t that great, so your ears, with a 1.2 m long 3.5mm connector compatible., carefully check out our list of gaming headsets ranging from budget models to fancy wireless with. When playing competitive titles is detachable meaning you can rely on quality isn ’ have!
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