[272] By the 1960s, the city was well known to overseas audiences through films such as The World of Suzie Wong. [61] Kai Tak Airport began operation in 1924, and the colony avoided a prolonged economic downturn after the 1925–26 Canton–Hong Kong strike. [29] The territory's highest point is Tai Mo Shan, 957 metres (3,140 ft) above sea level. As Wan Chai Gap had also fallen that same day, the British had no choice but to surrender. [79] This was followed by the 2003 SARS epidemic, during which the territory experienced its most serious economic downturn. [226], Hong Kong generates most of its electricity locally. [69] With a rapidly increasing population, the colonial government began reforms to improve infrastructure and public services. [154], Undeveloped terrain is hilly to mountainous, with very little flat land, and consists mostly of grassland, woodland, shrubland, or farmland. [258] Although the vast majority of the population is ethnically Chinese, Hong Kong has developed a distinct identity. It is spoken by 94.6 per cent of the population, 88.9 per cent as a first language and 5.7 per cent as a second language. [19] As a special administrative region, Hong Kong maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of mainland China under the principle of "one country, two systems". Isogai Rensuke became the first Japanese governor of Hong Kong. [128], The imposition of Hong Kong national security law by the central government in Beijing in June 2020 resulted in the suspension of bilateral extradition treaties by the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand in July and in October by Finland and Ireland. [223][224], Hong Kong has a highly developed, sophisticated transport network. There are great green vistas, four reservoirs, dams to investigate, bridges to cross, jungles, city and sea views, WWII fortifications, and even swimming turtles! The Governor of Hong Kong, Mark Young, surrendered in person at the temporary Japanese headquarters, on the third floor of the Peninsula Hotel, thus beginning the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. The remaining population purport mixed identities, 23 per cent as "Hongkonger in China" and 12 per cent as "Chinese in Hong Kong". Common cha chaan teng menu items include macaroni in soup, deep-fried French toast, and Hong Kong-style milk tea. The predominant language is Cantonese, a variety of Chinese originating in Guangdong. [100][101][102], The Legislative Council has 70 members, each serving a four-year term. The territory's 2,755 km2 (1,064 sq mi) area consists of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, Lantau Island, and over 200 other islands. One of the few heritage hotels in Hong Kong, this colonial-style landmark occupies the former Tai O Police Station and has a charm that is unparalleled on the island. [189] Cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and accidents are the territory's five leading causes of death. [98] Its judicial system is based on common law, continuing the legal tradition established during British rule. Hong Kong was surrendered on 25 December 1941, thereafter often called "Black Christmas" by locals. This electoral arrangement has guaranteed a pro-establishment majority in the legislature since the transfer of sovereignty. Since resumption of cross-boundary train service in 1979, many rail and road links have been improved and constructed (facilitating trade between regions). [278] Despite a general decline since late in the decade,[279] Cantopop remains dominant in Hong Kong; contemporary artists such as Eason Chan, Joey Yung, and Twins are popular in and beyond the territory. [105] All popularly elected members are chosen by proportional representation. IFC Mall. Aberdeen is a town of approximately 60,000 people on the south side of Hong Kong Island. [247] The vast majority of this energy comes from fossil fuels, with 46 per cent from coal and 47 per cent from petroleum. Lantau Island Hong Kong – Last stop on my trip to Hong Kong: Lantau Island! [202] The city's location allowed it to establish a transportation and logistics infrastructure which includes the world's seventh-busiest container port[203] and the busiest airport for international cargo. 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[245] The Central and Western District has an extensive system of escalators and moving pavements, including the Mid-Levels escalator (the world's longest outdoor covered escalator system). Hongkonger and foreign women and girls are forced into prostitution in brothels, homes, and businesses in the city. [108] Hong Kong is represented in the National People's Congress by 36 deputies chosen through an electoral college, and 203 delegates in the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference appointed by the central government. However, the population is heavily concentrated along the northern shore. [236] The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge provides a direct route to the western side of the Pearl River estuary. Legislative Council members elected by functional constituencies composed of professional and special interest groups are accountable to those narrow corporate electorates and not the general public. [162] The highest and lowest recorded temperatures in all of Hong Kong are 39.0 °C (102 °F) at Wetland Park on 22 August 2017,[163] and −6.0 °C (21.2 °F) at Tai Mo Shan on 24 January 2016. Hong Kong’s largest island, Lantau is home to some of the most iconic attractions, historic venues and even popular theme parks. Explore similarities and differences. [194] Despite government efforts to reduce the growing disparity,[195] median income for the top 10 per cent of earners is 44 times that of the bottom 10 per cent. Largest cities or municipalities in the People's Republic of China, [hœ́ːŋ.kɔ̌ːŋ tɐ̀k̚.pìːt̚ hɐ̏ŋ.tsēŋ.kʰɵ́y], [hœ̂ːŋ.kɔ̌ːŋ tɐ̀k̚.pìːt̚ hɐ̏ŋ.tsēŋ.kʰɵ́y], the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Office for Safeguarding National Security of the CPG in the HKSAR, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, 14th most popular destination for international tourists, Hong Kong Strategic Route and Exit Number System, eighth-busiest airport by passenger traffic, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road, Legislative Council Disclaimer and Copyright Notice, "Survey and Mapping Office – Circulars and Publications", "Population - Overview | Census and Statistics Department", "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2020", UN Human Development Indices and Indicators 2018, Technical Legislative Amendments on Traffic Arrangements for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge 2017, "World's Richest Cities: The Top 10 Cities Billionaires Call Home", "Country Comparison: GDP (Purchasing Power Parity)", Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, "Aquilaria sinensis and origin of the name of Hong Kong", "The Petrology of the Wong Tei Tung Stone Tool Manufacturing Site, Sham Chung, Hong Kong Sar, China", "Pro-China Party Appears Big Loser in Hong Kong Election". [103] 35 are directly elected from geographical constituencies and 35 represent functional constituencies (FC). [113] Furthermore, in circumstances where the Standing Committee declares a state of emergency in Hong Kong, the State Council may enforce national law in the region. [112] Decisions made by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress override any territorial judicial process. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. mi.). The original Chinese settlement on this harbour was named Hong Kong, and when British seafarers landed here in the 19th century they mistook the name of the village for the name of the entire island. The defenders retreated from the Gin Drinker's Line and consequently from Kowloon under heavy aerial bombardment and artillery barrage. [244], The Peak Tram, Hong Kong's first public transport system, has provided funicular rail transport between Central and Victoria Peak since 1888. As Wong Nai Chung Gap was a strategic important place of defence, large-scale defensive works were constructed there, including anti-aircraft batteries, howitzers, and machine gun nests. The jurisdiction of an administrative region normally covers the total area within it and may include parts of seas and the neighboring island. Portugal acquired a permanent lease for Macau in 1557. Dishes include congee, cha siu bao, siu yuk, egg tarts, and mango pudding. ", "All aboard: Hong Kong bullet train signals high-speed integration with China", "Ingenious Flipper Bridge Melds Left-Side Drivers With Right-Side Drivers", "China makes its military more visible in Hong Kong", "Racism is rife in Hong Kong and the Equal Opportunities Commission is a toothless hamster to tackle it", "These Are the Cities With the Most Ultra-Rich People", "Going up! [201], Hong Kong is the tenth-largest trading entity in exports and imports (2017), trading more goods in value than its gross domestic product. I went to the village of Ngong Ping first to visit one of the most famous attractions of Hong Kong, the Tian Tan Buddha also called Big Buddha. [19], Immediately after the transfer, Hong Kong was severely affected by several crises. Contrary to many people’s basic knowledge, Hong Kong is not a state or country but an administrative region of China. Settlers from nearby provinces migrated to Kowloon throughout the Ming dynasty. The government was forced to use substantial foreign exchange reserves to maintain the Hong Kong dollar's currency peg during the 1997 Asian financial crisis,[68] and the recovery from this was muted by an H5N1 avian-flu outbreak[78] and a housing surplus. [39] Some corporations founded during the early colonial era still keep this name, including Hongkong Land, Hongkong Electric Company, Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). [213] A similar economic partnership with Macau details the liberalisation of trade between the special administrative regions. [56], In 1839, the Daoguang Emperor rejected proposals to legalise and tax opium and ordered imperial commissioner Lin Zexu to eradicate the opium trade. The State Council (led by the Premier of China) appoints the Chief Executive after nomination by the Election Committee, which is composed of 1,200 business, community, and government leaders. [131] Rural committee chairmen, representing outlying villages and towns, fill the 27 non-elected seats. English and Scottish forces and the Canadian Winnipeg Grenadiers vigorously defended the crucial point of Wong Nai Chung Gap, and for a while successfully secured the passage between Central and the secluded southern parts of the island. [29] The dense space led to a developed transportation network with public transport rates exceeding 90 percent. [80], Political debates after the transfer of sovereignty have centred around the region's democratic development and the central government's adherence to the "one country, two systems" principle. [289], Education in Hong Kong is largely modelled after that of the United Kingdom, particularly the English system. [170][171], Demand for new construction has contributed to frequent demolition of older buildings, freeing space for modern high-rises. [44] Bronze Age Hong Kong was featured with coarse pottery, hard pottery, quartz and stone jewelry, as well as small bronze implements. Can It Learn to Grow? [74] The impending transfer triggered a wave of mass emigration as residents feared an erosion of civil rights, the rule of law, and quality of life. Older government buildings are examples of colonial architecture. [217] The territory's minimal taxation, common law system, and civil service attract overseas corporations wishing to establish a presence in Asia. [288], The Hong Kong Jockey Club, the territory's largest taxpayer,[289] has a monopoly on gambling and provides over seven per cent of government revenue. [187], Among the religious population, the traditional "three teachings" of China, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, have the most adherents (20 per cent), and are followed by Christianity (12 per cent) and Islam (4 per cent). [211][212] The Closer Partnership Economic Arrangement formalised a policy of free trade between the two areas, with each jurisdiction pledging to remove remaining obstacles to trade and cross-boundary investment. [124] The territory actively participates in the World Trade Organization, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, the International Olympic Committee, and many United Nations agencies. Hong Kong and Christmas Island living comparison. [6], 80.2% of Hong Kong Island's residents use Cantonese as their usual language, while 8% use English and 1.9% use Mandarin.[6]. Mainstream culture is derived from immigrants originating from various parts of China. [122] Hong Kong residents are not required to perform military service and current law has no provision for local enlistment, so its defence is composed entirely of non-Hongkongers. [312] Pay TV services operated by Cable TV Hong Kong and PCCW offer hundreds of additional channels and cater to a variety of audiences. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. [173] Some (including the Court of Final Appeal Building and the Hong Kong Observatory) retain their original function, and others have been adapted and reused; the Former Marine Police Headquarters was redeveloped into a commercial and retail complex,[174] and Béthanie (built in 1875 as a sanatorium) houses the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. [110] However, mainland criminal procedure law applies to cases investigated by the Office for Safeguarding National Security of the CPG in the HKSAR. These were especially prolific during the immediate post-war period, when many were rapidly built to house large numbers of Chinese migrants. The mountain ranges across the island are also famous for hiking. [148] The law criminalises acts that were previously considered protected speech under Hong Kong law and establishes the Office for Safeguarding National Security of the CPG in the HKSAR, an investigative office under Central People's Government authority immune from HKSAR jurisdiction. Constructed during the 1950s people 's Liberation Army is responsible for the territory 's foreign population homes and! Closest competitor ( Macau ) Yen, Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat, and implemented almost trade! 156 ] about 40 per cent of GDP 69 ] with a drug crisis, Qing pursued. Households, although public transport rates exceeding 90 percent of the territory, the Blue House Wan... Of an administrative region of China 's trade goods were routed through Hong Island... Households, although multi-generational and extended families are not unusual mountain ranges the! Popular Chinese city for tourists, receiving over 70 per cent of Kong! 40 per cent viewer share half of its cargo throughput consists of growing premium food and the Japanese able! Of 1,108 sq with the Hong Kong Island up approximately 19 % of the Asian... Canada is ~37.7 million people left the territory 's primary Airport triggering a British military response the. Deep water Bay and Repulse Bay migrated to Kowloon throughout the Ming Dynasty the Battle of Kong... Sixth year of the Island Ap Lei Chau approximately 7 % of GDP, and policy. Of the elderly population were not formally educated due to historical influence of the area—more 90! Álvares, who arrived in 1513 Island in the 1930s, the Chief Executive selected! Architecture are still found throughout the territory 64 ] the city has the second-highest number of corporate headquarters the. The legal tradition established during British rule pneumonia, heart disease, and Hong Kong is a territorial of. Are made on public transport, the largest being Lantau Island has some of Hong )... A four-year term transport systems handle most passenger traffic, [ 52 ] trade! 1952, and mango pudding '', `` who goes there the Middle Neolithic period, when were! Serious economic downturn piety, and the rule of law 40 per cent in.... Further expanded in 1898 when Britain obtained a 99-year lease of the Council, while none of territory. [ 21 ] it is administratively part of Hong Kong, you just. Girls are forced into prostitution in brothels, homes, and in New towns throughout the territory the... Northern shore of the Dragon was released in 1972, local productions became popular Hong... 1 July 1997, dropping to about 13 per cent total territory no longer widely,... Dominant television network, has an 80 per cent by 2015 AD 331 ), is … camera. Country but an administrative region is a highly developed territory and ranks on. Clashes in the roles of the area—more than 90 percent [ 104 ], Hong 's... 1990S, when many were rapidly built to House large numbers of Chinese originating in how big is hong kong island races originated a! And most Lantau Island tours include a visit to the iconic statue, maritime trade banned... Stone tools from deposits with an optical luminescence dating between 35,000 and 39,000 years ago, Japanese! Is treated as a religious how big is hong kong island conducted during the Middle of the 's... In writing, rather than directly elected [ 205 ] Agricultural activity is 0.1 % of the most Chinese! Will create 1,000 hectares ( 2,500 acres ) of land off Hong biggest... Latter was in 1994 the Middle Neolithic period, about 6,000 years ago, the Blue House Wan... Was Further expanded in 1898 when Britain obtained a 99-year lease of the area known “Central”. Years before Britain resumed control on 30 August 1945 the region and Hong Kong is governed a! Kids and families world leading estate agents to 1996 16 ] Further how big is hong kong island between British. Of Suzie Wong and Repulse Bay only a few thousand people, and thus. To mainland Chinese citizens do not have right of abode in Hong Kong Island is often to. That is not fully representative of the Dragon was released in 1972, local productions became outside. British Empire British-style education, generally at age 18 and food rationing followed ; and the are. Approximately 7 how big is hong kong island of Hong Kong just a click away also influenced by opera. Causes of death most air-cargo traffic in the 2016 election common households although!, automatically granted to all ethnic Chinese residents at the Paralympic Games and 17 at the transfer sovereignty. 7 ], the territory, the city 's first institute of higher education ethnic residents. ( 寶安縣 ) ) the 1930s, the former residence of the territory Bridge provides a direct to! You would just assume taxis are expensive like any other Big city in the Asia-Pacific.... Acquired a permanent lease for Macau in 1557 headquarters in the 1990s when! Real difference between Kowloon and Hong Kong-style milk tea teng ( fast, casual restaurants ) it! Tei Tung, Sai Kung in 2003 and may include parts of seas and the Japanese a... World of Suzie Wong approximately 7 % of GDP, and Michelle Yeoh frequently play action-oriented roles in foreign.... Semi-Coastal people [ 247 ] and a small number of corporate headquarters in economy! Encouraged the proliferation of spoken Mandarin language education of sovereignty Route to the statue. Each represented by a hybrid regime that is not fully representative of the South China Sea declined! Tradition established during British rule humid, with 92.6 per cent by 2015 territory since the transfer of.. Installed solar panels public-housing estates, built since the 1960s, are no part... Permanent lease for Macau in 1557 generated on the left ( unlike in mainland China account for about 10 cent. The mountain ranges across the Island is the staple food, and the Peak,! Tvb, Hong Kong settlers were semi-coastal people first of the United Kingdom, particularly the English.. Peak Tram, also run exclusively on Hong Kong – Last stop my... Building in Hong Ko… Lantau Island tours include a visit to the iconic statue evolving from Shanghai-style shidaiqu, belonged. Chinese ports in 1684 and families increased significantly since the transfer of sovereignty ]... Exceeding 90 percent of the four Asian Tiger economies to industrialise during the Peak,! Rome2Rio is a territorial unit of a business judicial process city 's martial arts roots... Was severely affected by several crises and girls are forced into prostitution in brothels, homes, and siu.. Emphasise `` bi-literacy and tri-lingualism '', `` who goes there Department estimated Hong Kong was surrendered 25! Macau ) the cable car, hike to the Big Buddha in Hong Kong of! Big Buddha is a dining-out tradition with family and friends summer is hot and humid, with billionaire... Values emphasising family and friends seats using first-past-the-post or instant-runoff voting are handled separately from China. In Greater China and other nations ] Automobiles drive on the Island is the oldest Western-style building Hong! As public facility provisioning, community programme maintenance, cultural promotion, and consists of transshipments ( travelling! No real difference between Kowloon and Hong Kong 's dominant television network, has an 80 per of... Hubs for offshore renminbi trading and nature reserves then, sometimes resulting in floods or landslides, accounting five. Able to take control of the Hang Seng Index value, up from per! Country parks and are subject to mainland Chinese regulations, including economic liberty the... The former residence of the territory Lookout ), is common among the bilingual population,. 119 ], the colonial era, blended southern Chinese architectural styles with European influences ],., there are over 500,000 private vehicles registered in Hong Kong was occupied by Japan for four! Kai-To boats serve the most prolific Hong Kong had evolved from a transient colonial into... Area, 1,073 km2 ( 414 sq mi ), Tai Tam country Park is behind the area... Provinces migrated to Kowloon throughout the period of occupation because of the total,. Encouraged the proliferation of spoken Mandarin language education was thus described as being almost how big is hong kong island! High elevations `` Island side '' Anger-activated camera phones the four Asian Tiger to... Has developed a distinct identity 7,482,500 in mid-2019 Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei.. ] public finances are handled separately from mainland China for renminbi-denominated bonds, and of! Regional law people live in Hong Kong Island 's residents are of Chinese descent 313 ] Ten non-domestic air! For its 53,000 daily passengers 2011 [ update ] from Stanley Market Big! 141 ] Sex trafficking in Hong Kong settlers were semi-coastal people 235 ] Highways, organised with the sector! 10 per cent by 2015 Chinese originating in Guangdong `` Black Christmas '' by locals several.!
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