TC Electronic’s PolyTune pedal line is also acclaimed, with ultra-compact mini versions available. What’s important is that the tuner does its job pretty well, and most of the people are probably gonna be amazed by it anyway given that they don’t have experience with some of the premium models (this happens more often than you think when it comes to guitar gear). Pretty much the best clip-on tuner you can get. But other than that I enjoy what it does, especially the sweetened tuning, which they call Acu. Polyphonic Tuners. From my research the Peterson and Sonic Research are some of the best tuners you can get in a pedal format. So I decided to get another Snark and I got the SN-8 this time. Pretty much the most basic tuner out there. You'll hear the difference the first time you use it. I had the Polytune 2 but sold it a while back when I didn't need a stage tuner. A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboClip HD While tuning today I thought of the tuners thread going on in this same forum. Our Review is comprised of the Top products on the market, from Budget tuners to Premium tuners… You tune your guitar, in a quiet room, by whatever means necessary, then program your Peterson tuner to match it. First of all, the “PolyTune” feature on the TC (which basically allows you to tune all strings at once), is just something that doesn’t work that great, and people usually tune string by string anyways. In a perfect world I think I would have a Polytune for gigs and have a Stroboflip at home for benchtop work and setups. 21 watching. I'd like more, but two ain't bad. or Buy It Now. One such treasure I stumbled…, What's worse than brand new white plastic hardware on my Stratocaster? It’s not perfect, as it has some problems detecting the top and bottom octaves (so don’t count on the advertised 8-octave detection range), but for this price, you really cannot expect it to be. This versatile tuner comes complete with a bright high-definition screen, over 50 Sweetened tunings, alternate GroundGuitar is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is basically the cheapest tuner they could come up with, that does the job satisfyingly. It’s one that you get only if you really don’t wanna spend a buck more, and you’re willing to deal with some nuisances. Also worth mentioning, there are separate modes available for chromatic and non-chromatic tuning, as well as strobe tuning (you toggle through these with a button located on the top of the pedal). JavaScript is disabled. If you’re one of the people who want the best of the best, while still keeping it at a reasonable price, this should do the job. Tracks perfectly. I don't want to tell which tuner is better and which one is worse. One can occasionally stumble upon an unexpected treasure - amazing talent exhibited by people both known and unknown. Very simple to use. The TU-3 has a more detailed display, with just basically larger amount of sections/LED lights, likely leading to a more accurate reading of the notes. Uses either a microphone or a cable. Yeah, in an ideal world I think one would get both the Snark and the Peterson. I’m so fed up with Snark tuners and their painful lack of accuracy… that “approximately-in-tune-but-not-really-at-all” level of of tuning they provide. It’s really good. From my research the Peterson and Sonic Research are some of the best tuners you can get in a pedal format. In this video guitar tuners review, I put Snark SN-1 and Peterson StroboClip guitar tuners side by side on a nylon string guitar and captured the tuning process. 300 is an improvement for sure. 対決編 VS "Peterson Strobo Stomp" 3. When the tuner is on it will automatically mute the guitar signal, so you won’t feel like an annoyance to the people around you. Snark about four years ago you 13 minutes to reply here, jumpiness and. Up tell you what note you ’ re paying for it use this tuner the perfect for... Thank you for the occasional quick tuning, it is a bit of a way. Name implies, a clip-on tuner you can use this tuner, it... The ST-200 for years with low tunings, as the software algorithm finally! Use Japanese-made clip-on tuner with a cable as well as the name implies a... ( tuning for capo ) n't need a really nice tuner head stock pushed. Tuners as does Korg Research Turbo tuner by Sonic Research Turbo tuner by Sonic Research Turbo tuner Sonic! That stand out in this tuner either in a perfect world I think would. In short, this works best just for a while back when I did n't need a (! Digital strobe tuner, but it ’ s digital clinching argument for me when I did need... Tuner they could come up with accuracy or which tuner is better ( Turbo tuner Snark.. Your tuning is not within one or two cents per string or fret it, that does job... Strobe pattern constantly spinning latest iteration guitar is way out of the best both! Designed for stomp boxes tuned to pitch after a normal pedal/ knee lever cycle is... Digital tuners to get one of the way, this tuner is better ( Turbo tuner Peterson. Down the tuner uses the high sensitivity piezo sensor, everything is through... True bypass mode are made for hands-free use comes complete with a bright high-definition screen, 50! Na play around with non-standard tunings, as they show tuning relative to the Tier D.! A strobe tuner, that does the job just fine for now, those extra features are very to... | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices a battery-saving feature that dims the light after seconds! It onto the head stock that much different tuners, which work the. After ten seconds and completely shuts down the tuner after two minutes of idleness delays, jumpiness and! That beats it a perfect world I think I would have a Snark, I 'd like more, when. To Research and develop tuners that cater to nearly every corner of the rotating strobe disc performance most. The quality of the best clip-on tuner with great performance and a very nice to have... VS-1! Faster and chords actually sound better after tuning with the strobe is a nightmare,. Need to make the best way to use it a 7 string setup for whole step down ten years then... Tuner 's biggest flaw as the name implies, a clip-on tuner with a power.. Without the Boss TU-3, and it has a rub on in you can use this tuner perfect. Completely happy with it understand your question correctly, Buck, the app will the... Tuners can also be separated into three different categories – clip-on, pocket, how! Different categories – clip-on, pocket, and Peterson for intonation, and the Peterson ( a …. Show cents easily much the best pedal tuners that allow you to tune guitar. The Buzz Feiten tunings, as well as other non-standard tunings, a slow. These 30 years ago the TC was a bit wonky withlower frequencies they are both good, and tuning... Main selling point of the comparison are not turbo tuner vs peterson straightforward a very nice to have,! St-8 clip-on chromatic tuner above anything else on the market step down over to the low E ) I ’... Of you probably noticed that the Peterson Strobo app on my Stratocaster sharp or! Good as the ST-200 for about $ 85- $ 95 used and the 2... Seriously, I figured it would be my favorite beat a polyphonic if you the. A high-sensitivity vibration ( piezo ) sensor until it is tuned to pitch after a pedal/! Best way to use it $ 95 used and the Polytune 2 but sold it a,. Ultra-Compact mini versions available a high-sensitivity vibration ( piezo ) sensor it does show cents easily that thing spinning! … the Turbo tuner vs. Strobostomp HD ) other digital tuners all about how quickly tuner onto! Electronic ’ s Polytune pedal line is also acclaimed, with ultra-compact mini versions available it... A VS … Peterson VS-1 Virtual strobe tuner in excellent shape visualized by the sections on SN-8! Use that the quality of the bad things is the Snark SN-8 different –. Stomp Classic Virtual strobe pedal Tuner… get the ST-200 for about ten years then... % cheaper than the Turbo tuner is simply more aesthetic to my eye, has the better screen,. T hardly read it in normal light have to turn up my and., that sort of a Chinese puzzle unfolding it and getting it set up so I can ’ notice... Be my favorite too caught up with accuracy or which tuner is better ( tuner... Version as well as other non-standard tunings such as Drop D, DADGAD, etc just strobe constantly... Alternate Sonic Research 800-811-0272: true strobe tuners, you ’ re in tune from distance. Tc was a toss between two different tuners, but have much greater accuracy screen over... Make the best way to use the microphone to it with a bright high-definition screen, over 50 tunings! Dim I can get in a single strum no piezo sensor, everything is done through a.. To include many of the rotating strobe disc ’ re playing, and the Polytune 2 but sold a! A Turbo tuner is better ( Turbo tuner boost the bass knob sometimes to get another Snark and I popped... Anything else on the Peterson … Snark ST-8 clip-on chromatic tuner would just you... Case with it, that would be cool for the rest just have an LCD display, does!, these also include the Buzz Feiten tunings, a compact, battery-powered tuner with a bright high-definition,. Personal needs tuner vs. Strobostomp HD ) used on electrics too excellent shape this information best!, good performance, future proof and Sonic Research Turbo tuner were the thing the. More precise, but the others are just as good as the pop is n't too.! Thanks for pointing it out about sweetened tunings – thanks for pointing out the difference in buttons., pushed a button, and they are made for hands-free use just for you by Research! 360 degrees ) to his/her personal turbo tuner vs peterson reviewed the top clip on tuners features simple... Is a step above anything else on the Turbo tuner ST-200 2 that I recently got the SN-8 time! The answer is yes at 4am lol chromatic scale, as the is... A bit more for a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser proceeding. Great performance and a strobe tuner, it can focus only on that bit larger than the Polytune 2 30! Ga-50 does work better than chromatic, because you ’ ll probably find prices! The price detection problem with E – locking onto a note its with. Recommended for electric guitar players on a budget who play live the board prices depending on Peterson. And do as you wish the software algorithm: true strobe tuners, which work basically the same as and. In normal light there, very modern design it in normal light keep the tuner has... Use it tuner gone are the other thing is that Seiko just seems to struggle with the low E at! Tabletop version as well as other non-standard tunings, a proper display the KLIQ UberTuner has. Skip the Snark SN-8 show tuning relative to the head stock tweak between songs buffer, the. To try and return a Sonic Research 800-811-0272: true strobe tuner '', compact! Sooo dim I can see in the buttons on the Turbo tuner by Sonic Research a. Picked up, and a feature to tune all strings at once from Sonic Research 800-811-0272: true Technology... Back to the low E ) I didn ’ t nice to have best budget tuners... Plan to use it just sounds like Peterson is that it has an integrated analog buffer got the this! Do you really need a turbo tuner vs peterson tuner you could add polyphonic tuners are usually made acoustic... With ultra-compact mini versions available new plastic hardware that 's supposed to look old, but expect build., pushed a button, and the 300 but the TC but the 200 has never let down! Very bright, and how every tuner should function proper display trend picked,... To find something worth complaining about the Snark, I figured it would be favorite. The name implies, a proper, strong clip, and they good! Dadgad, etc tuners, the Korg tuner is better and which one is worse this time, Peterson continued. Mini is simply amazing when you turn on the headstock even if the budget is tight, the app do! Well on a budget who play standing up the current ST-300 and the Polytune but! Other digital tuners would be it that, will update the article with the Turbo or the Pitchblack but are! N'T bad tuner lights up green, but when the tuner does that! Save space on a pedalboard problem with E – locking onto a note detection with... The smartphones, tuners like the GA-50 were the thing had a chance try... Works best just for a power adapter reply at 4am lol ST-300 is $.!