The columns designated with DLR have the data compiled in the Draft Land Registry from 1950. It is the name of several farms in Norway. Comments, Furnes Farm; Norwegian Counties; Farm #6 Qyer, Oppland; Farm #257 Furnes, Hedmark; Comments on Ongoing Research on Ile farms in Norway In searching for Norwegian records, Ile can be found both in parish names and in farms. One of the easiest to use search engines is the farm name search at the Norwegian digital archives for the various census years, 1801, 1865, 1875, 1900. Just put in the map name starting with a Capital letter and it will bring up all the farms with that name through-out Norway. Continuing my series on maps, here is a beautiful historic map that covers all of Norway and clearly shows farm locations. Norway Farms and Parishes S : POST your Farm and Parish Names Please include "Farm/Parish Name- S" in your subject line and list your information in the order given below: farm and/or parish, county, surname, researcher name and e-mail address.Please limit your requests to 1 at a time.. To get your information posted faster, please post according to The best starting point is where searches can be done by county. The columns designated with OR have the data compiled by Oluf Rygh as provided in the Norwegian Farm Names provided by Oluf Rygh in database at Documentation Project.. At this point I have no historical connection to any of the royal families, some names are similar to the royal families such as Eystein, Ragnild, Gulbrand, and of course, Olaf. Skagen Norwegian Farm Research. If you know the Fylke you can of course select that such as 04 Hedmark or whatever and then put in the farm name and hit your enter key. This wide landlocked county is home to great lakes, major rivers and the highest mountains in the Nordic countries. A total of 727 maps covering all of Norway show the location of individual farms and churches and each quadrangle is on the scale of 1:50,000. Selland. Oppland is a county in Norway. This inland fylke contains large mountain regions - substantial portions of the Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell mountain regions lie in Oppland fylke.In fact, 80% of the county lies 600 meters - 1,968 feet - or more above sea level. Provided by Statens Kartverk, this map is actually a searchable composite map created by stitching together multiple historic “Amtskartene” (county maps) drawn between 1826-1916. The name comes from the Old Norse elements ‘selja’ meaning ‘willow’ and ‘land’ for ‘farm’ or ‘land.’ 74. This refers to a farm name and is derived from the Old Norse elements ‘rud’ meaning ‘clearing’ and ‘dahl’ meaning ‘valley.’ 73. This is a list of farm names in Oppland, a county of Norway. However, records for the Kråbøl and Bjornstad farm in Oppland and the Stor-Ree farm in Hedmark lists several families that lived there for a couple of hundred years each. What I do is look in the farm search for the census years closest to the date the person migrated to U.S. It is an encyclopedia in 18 volumes, one for each of the counties ('fylke'), covering every main farm name in Norway. Oppland Oppland fylke is located in southern Norway, and is one of two fylke in Norway that does not border on the sea (the other being Hedmark). If you are interested in Norwegian farm names and want to know more about their meaning, then you should read 'Norske gaardnavne' (Norwegian Farm names), written by the brothers O. and K. Rygh a hundred years ago. Please contact NAGC to order a map and for pricing information, as it is necessary to have the Norwegian fylke, kommune, and parish name to obtain the correct map. Each year 100 maps are revised and updated.