Hi, For On-Site service transportation charges may apply. Rgrds I B Aircon. When I contact to Viveks customer care, they sent one service engineer and he told there is gas league and charged me Rs.600 with out doing anything. Hi All, The “Phoenix AC Service” technician first takes care of the hole or damage causing the leak of the substance which is followed by topping up to fill the newly-repaired container with cooling gas. Split ; Cassette ; Floor Standing ; Ducted ; VRV … 2399/- As far as I know, I used O2 airconditioning only to top up and the problem repeated after a year. Normally gas charges are collected from the customer. I had requested them to send some experienced technicians to install it, but they had sent learners. Refrigerant chemical leaking from your AC can be harmful to the environment if it gets to the water system. Gas psi is arrount 65 in 1 ton a.c.. next day I am facing same issue. Regards Troubleshooting. Emailo2airconditioningcompany@gmail.com Please get in touch with Mr. Viswasam from Ashwyin Aircon, Nandhanam, Chennai - 35. Prblm is jst gas filling finally my problem is solved with less cost... Plz guys dnt depend on company service centers they charged high cost for less service (AC without warrent), All please provide contact number. Very useful. First what is the size of Room at office - if it is similar in size it is ok. A Look at Haier Split Air Conditioner. I thought the cooling goes down gradually in case of leakage. I've promised to pass on his contact. General So, told me that coil+ gas refilling + arrest leakage. Service Charges: As per capacity. Featured. Our expert technicians would understand the vacuum of your premises of AC Repair, AC Technician, AC Gas Refilling, AC Installation,AC Advanced Piping Services, AC Maintenance, All types of Air Conditioner Repair and Service & Also Provide Split AC Repair Service in India. Thanks in advance for giving a reply at baskarsamtl@yahoo.co.in, Hi Baskar, He came over to my place this morning and did a top class, thorough job, I would say even better than the so called "Co. Auth. For instant Support for your AC Choose Our AC Repair Service in india. An AC gas top up is an option to re-fill the refrigerant storage unit with the chemical gas coolant used by your air-conditioner. Then I checked with another service engineer and he told me that I need to change the condenser coil since it got damaged. Car Service List Price; 1. My outdoor unit bursted with noise and black smoke .when an engineer from Samsung came and took that to his service centre.they identified compressor is gone so they will replace with free of cost and gas filling rs. Post free classified ads for Electronics & Appliances - Repair services in Patna on Click.in June 2014 Each. After installation, it was working not even a week, chillness went down, now in 18 deg, and it gives hot air. Bahria Orchard, Lahore Nov 21. Leaking of gas is checked with the help outdoor unit running. A small quantity of gas would not affect the cooling immediately (2 month Old). Else the Ac needs a Gas recharge / Top-up. google.com, pub-0060602840003535, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, Hi, I have a 4 year old 1.5 ton voltas split AC. Mobile no. ... Gas refilling in standard split AC( 1 to 1.5 Ton) non - inventor. Is this a rip off? (refer your manual came with the A/c) May know the genuine cost for aluminium coil, copper coil and Ac gas filling cost. AC gas top-ups can only be done effectively and safely by a professional technician. Some AC units can be opened by simply sliding the front ends out of place, while others will require the aid of a screwdriver. //Urgent// Why not give us a call right now? Discover new ways to Use your Haier products with our How-to and help demo Videos. Please advice. Before Top-up please check A/c Gas Pressure while the unit is running. A refrigerant undergoes phase changes from a liquid to gas (on absorbing heat) and back to liquid (when a compressor compresses it). I hv Haier window ac.mechanic told me to replace compressor which is under warranty .they are asking for gas charge which is likely to refill due to change compressor.so please suggest me that I hv to pay gas charge or not. We’ve got your back on the chill part with our room air conditioners. But finally decided serciced my AC with local ac servicers I called them they came and did service they charged rs3000. GAS FILLING: Rs.199: This data was last updated on 03/12/2020 . 7500). We work according the need and requirements of clients. Then he put back the indoor unit. Songs mechanic from company says power supply of the unit needs replacement . Become a Partner. I called up the guy you recommended & he did a neat job. Your comment will be posted after it is approved. does it really cost this much? Stephen: Very neat and crisp inputs. Lessor quantity of gas would not cool the room instantly. 3) Fixing & Connecting indoor and outdoor units using the standard Kit provided by the manufacturer; 5) Wrapping the pipe with seasoning tape ; Not … Dear Dinesh Kumar, Initially check the gas leakage place in the aluminium coil. Once switched after 3-4 hours ice is getting formed inside the indoor unit and it is making ice break sound. R290 is energy efficient. More than his expertise I like his honesty, he never promises a Taj Mahal and deliver a hut. But in LG dual inverter jst with in 2 years I got gas leak age problem, when I called to LGserivce center they told for checkup they charged rs.450, if they do service rs650,in case leakage is in Inner unit rs6500, or any other leak ages rs8500. If it is found ok. Dear Pardhasaradhy, The cost of refilling Gas is Rs.1500 but the Mechanic had over charged for the Capacitor, Its actual cost is Rs. Request not to go for Videocon AC Purchase. And then same with the compressor and they check leakages with foam and then if there is they'll arrest it and they top it up with refrigerant gas. Thanks. Coil. Let’s explore the two most popular ones used today: The R22 Gas used in air-conditioners is are classified as HFC (Hydroflourocarbon) a type of chemical that when released to the environment will affect the ozone layer of the atmosphere. If the range is 20 to 55 PSI then it is sure you need a Gas recharging. Zachariah. When enquired I came to know the rates for full gas charging Rs.1850 + Leakage Rs1750 including transporation and refitting. Thanks u Baskar/ Choolai. 5 rs). Tax will be charged as applicable. Quite informative. Please contact the Viswasam for servicing the A/c .Thanks u, Baskar, which GAS Filling required for 1.5T window AC. There are several refrigerant gases/air conditioners and the amount will be different for each one. May 2011 SEE MORE. They charge only for additional … What could be the problem. Stephen, I have Onida 1.5 ton ac. This procedure keeps the cooling process going for your air-conditioner. i have one ton ac just purchsed 1.5 year back,its gas jave leaked.voltas has refused to do amc due to above reason.just need advise.one howm much psi should be there in one ton.i have got gas filled by local vendor.but its not giving cooling.pls guide.is there any good ac mechanic near janakpuri delhi. Thanks u, Baskar/ Choolai, Dear Siva, All Brand New machine would give enough cooling for Room size 10 x 12 Bedroom intially for a year. He said that he would do pressure test to indentify the leakage or else he would tell us whether it is worth in spending the amount ( 6-7 Years Old Split A/c) I had given my address He would visit my place and do the service as he told. Bahria Town, Lahore 3 days ago. WiFi Air Conditioners powered by SmartHQ™ Do More with the SmartHQ App. After his inspection he found out the outer blade has been damaged and gas has to be refilled due to leakage. I am having Whirlpool ACs which gets to cooling problem and gas leak frequently. Service Charges: 2500. Dear Rajesh Gupta, Please get in touch with Mr. Viswasam from Ashwyin Aircon, Nandhanam, Chennai - 35. Pioneers in the market, we are excellent in supplying world class array of AC Gas Top-Up Filling that is contrived from best quality vendors at affordable rates. Each. Product . Air filter I wash regularly so as it was clean he didn't bother to even touch it. Baskar/choolai, hi. But if the size of the room is slightly bigger then you have to think about higher capacity. 1. It is an economical choice for manufacturers since they have more design options for their AC units. Find the best Ac Gas price! My mechanic says the gas lost which was in pipes needs to be refilled..kindly help, Dear Tejas, As you state that the A/c was bought 2 month back and you had shifted the A/c to your office. The compressor has stopped working and I called a local mechanic. If it is 65 to 75 Psi no need of gas charging. Pls advice me how do I proceed on this. June 2012 Haier Air Conditioners. Ans then mine today was 15 so he did top up. Start your request online and we’ll find you a solution. The refrigerant is sent through the condenser and compressor, converting it from liquid to gas and back … Thanks u Baskar, Dear Naveen, if your window A/c is under warranty you could replace the compressor. Secondly the servicing person should reliable to carry out the work. We are the best AC Repair, AC Service, AC Installation, AC Uninstallation and Gas refill provider in India. If the range is 20 to 55 PSI then it is sure you need a Gas recharging. 3500 each) and condensor coil replacement (Rs. Remember you can also view all the Gas Rates in the CoolDrive Gas Chart APP available for all Apple and Android devices. R22 refrigerant is now an expensive chemical when the unit needs replacement. If are not aware about the Capacitor you could told I would purchase and give to you. To avail Complimentary Service (Dry/Wet) for AC customer needs to book a call with LG toll Free num 1800-180-9999 within 1 Year of purchase. So we called on the guys and they came to fill it. Portable Air Conditioners. They use a gauge to check for the refrigerant level inside your air-conditioning unit. Secondly periodically the a/c unit is to be serviced by the technician for 4 or 5 times in a year. That will cover everything. This item: all in 1 Appliances spare parts R22 Gas Floron Refrigerent for Window and Split AC 522,00 ₹ Ships from and sold by Eden Feather India. If you choose to proceed on your own, shut down your AC unit, then attach the hoses from the gauge manifold to your system’s pressure pumps. Fan is not used when the a/c is running. Viswasam . Suddenly it was stoped cooling from 5 days before. Split AC: Inverter AC: AC Gas Filling Charges for 1 Ton: Rs. In Singapore when I was there for split AC they really do a thorough job of servicing AC they dismantle entirely the indoor unit clean it up thoroughly water wash with soap and leave it dry. Pricing: 2500. 3. 7000 to 7500 Plus Gas filling Charges Rs.2500. 250-350 only. Please reply as soon as possible. STANDARD AC SERVICE: Rs.1199: 2. We have wide range of refrigerator gas refill cost in Refrigerators.Quikr deliver across Noida Note*: Price may vary depends upon the AC Provision and the location. Thanks in advance and reply at baskarsamtl@yahoo.co.in and write back how good the web page is? Normally all companies do provide the facility of gas filling at your house and most companies charge between Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 (company rates). Dear Surinder Dhiman, How old is your One ton Voltas A/c. AC Gas Filling Charges In Delhi. Car Service List Price; 1. Our provided gas filling service is highly admired amongst customers for reliability and low prices.