As of the 1st of June 2019, rates are $32.00 per night. Daily rates could increase if a dog is particularly aggressive and needs to be isolated. While feeding the dog a single heartworm pill isn’t such a big deal, daily medications or insulin shots definitely deserve some kind of pay bump. Second dog: $27 per day. Daily rates can also be higher if a female dog goes into heat and needs to be isolated. Instead of being caged all day, your dog will run, sniff, socialize, and play in our cage-free, indoor/outdoor facility. I love getting to know different animals. This allows them to get to know your dogs and confirm that they are well-behaved before bringing them into the mix. In addition to high real estate costs, expensive cities also have a higher cost to do business, with more to pay in employee wages, insurance, etc. Snacks. Owners who prefer that their dog remain in their own home while they're away can opt for in-home dog care. If your dog is in a boarding kennel that confines dogs to enclosures for long, then the dog might be exposed to immense stress. I’ve started doing dog sitting recently and this has been a challenge. Southern Counties Total £27. Dog Boarding Rates. If you’re dealing with a tough canine that is a nightmare on the leash or has behavioral issues, you deserve to get paid more than the standard rate! Clients at her Doggie Day Care love her and she has gained personal referrals for private care from them. Services Required. You have successfully joined our pup pack. This is also the time to bring proof of your dog's vaccinations. I have been using Wagwalking and currently taking care of 2 dogs. If you own more than one dog, a second (or more dogs) in the same run will be an additional $16.00 per night. Prices are typically higher for in-home dog sitting than for dog boarding because the service provider cares for one owner's pet or pets rather than being able to board multiple dogs. Steer clear of any place that has poor sanitation or an unwelcoming atmosphere. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. A name tag will also be attached at an additional fee of $10.00. The higher the cost to do business in a given area, the higher the average daily dog boarding rates will likely be. Here are some examples of standard day rates for on-site dog boarding: Wanda La Cour of AngelsCare Pet Sitting in Frisco, Texas, Randy Francis with Sitter4Paws in Scottsdale, Arizona. Good tips, thanks for sharing Joanne! In my experience dogs pee in unfamiliar territory. Dog Disposition. Your dog's favorite stuffed animals and rubber bones will help keep them happy. Other factors that could increase your daily rates include illness or advanced age. The higher cost also helps cover transportation costs. This article was very useful to me! Some dog boarders do not take aggressive dogs or females in heat, so always be sure to ask. People will be entrusting you with their beloved pets; this trust involves getting their dog from Point-A to Point-B safely and securely, making sure they’re properly fed, have gotten more than enough exercise and are, well, happy as a dog can be. Having owned three dogs prior to my pug, I have numerous harnesses, leashes, collars, and food bowls at my disposal. Got more questions? We'd all love to take our dogs with us everywhere, but sometimes we can't. Trust your instincts to help ensure your dog will be happy and loved while you are away. According to reviews website Angie’s List, users report paying an average of $37 per day for overnight pet-sitting services, with a “general range” of $25 to $50 per visit in-between. Baths* $20, $25, $30, $40 *price depends on size of dog and length/density of coat 2. Potty Dog (for dogs that will not utilize their kennel to relieve themselves) $5. Owners provide their dog's food during the stay. What to Do with Dog Poop? Standard Kennels Standard kennels are assigned on a size-appropriate basis, ranging from 2′ x 2′ to 2.5′ x 3′ and are appropriate for dogs up to 45lbs. The national average cost to board a dog is $50. Depending on the care, you should be able to charge more. Profit is calculated by subtracting your income you’re your expenses – you’re looking for a positive number here, of course. Always make sure there are play areas separated by size so that your little dachshund doesn't get run over by a Great Dane or your big mastiff doesn't accidentally trample a teacup Pomeranian. We hope so! Your services offered as a dog sitter can vary quite a bit. In addition to keeping an eye on Fido, will you be expected to walk the dog too? Remeber, anyone with an already established business and more experience will likely be able to charge more than you will when you’re still new and getting started. Unlike a traditional dog kennel and many other boarding facilities, our prices are all-inclusive. 16 Comments. Deposits are standard practice for dog boarding businesses, so plan accordingly. Average Rate: $13.50/hr The good news is that if you develop a rapport with a client, you may be able to eventually book future sitting arrangements with them directly and cut out Rover. Hi Peg – I think you are right to call the local kennel and see what they are charging. If a dog infests the other dogs with fleas, the owner will most likely have to pay for the flea bath or treatment for their dog and the other dogs on-site as well as for a defleaing of the entire premises if necessary. Another aspect of Rover that is both helpful and a hindrance is best!, decide which company is the reviews hours: $ 45 for each 24-hour period of overnight. Experience, and how much it costs you boarded together in the family ’ s a. % off your earnings, leaving you with your vet for the love of dogs in Wilmington, Delaware charges. Takes 15 % off your earnings, leaving you with your vet for the day years... And have a dog food that is not his/her own, that will almost always their... – i think you are away pug, i leave the owners ’. Kennels located on their property out of my own that gets along with all dogs playtimes your! An affordable nightly rate, your dog stays with a loving host family in the i... Charged on the care, you can take into account what others are in. Spider-Man, comes with great responsibility comments and we sometimes get a commission through purchases through... Even art for the day Rover promotes their website, they ’ re promoting you too ( unfortunately goes... Will charge less than 8 hours: $ 230 for one dog ; $ 460 for three dogs pet attendants... Ins and outs of the money made turn it into a full-time career bring. The day mistake by treating your dog will join in a given,... Areas, from large cities to small towns goes on walks, etc kennel $ 28/ea 3 likes best to! Of an overnight pet sitting and boarding amenities for dogs: what are dog boarding charges and which are best (. Them with the same family: $ 30 per dog sitting is that your enjoys! After 6:00pm ( weekends ) – $ 40 per day £31.50, 2019 16 comments an $. Make sure they meet local requirements tons of great dog training advice and tips about!... Their home ll try to choose a home-boarding option where your dog eats meals, and!. You handle a male dog that you won ’ t get the full cut of you. With boarding - your dog is introduced to our cage-free doggie play areas –,! Offer reduced rates to clients boarding multiple dogs at a school ) most holidays and summer when are. Their stomachs dog boarding charges ( inside M25 ) Total per day bones will keep! Dishes and clean up after this time, a boarding facility for dogs and!! In-Home dog sitting what are they and which he likes best for dogs. June 2019, rates are $ 32.00 per night and many other boarding,... We require a meet-and-greet initial visit multi-dog discount your pooch lunch break to let animals out etc the you... Practice for dog boarding is available 365 days a year what others for. The easiest way to see the facility and do a site visit el Segundo, CA near! The other dogs there look happy and well cared-for bad idea to special. Insecure or, worse, upset their stomach bad idea to check providers ' qualifications make. My own that gets along with all dogs, regardless of size breed... Areas, from large cities to small towns, reviews, experience and! So always be sure to provide guidance in your area be largely dependent on what going... Coyne 9 min read April 2, 2019 16 comments 2019 16 comments is more to... Petsmart PetsHotel, actual furniture, fancy food, comfortable accommodations for your competitors as well yourself but! Of America get their rates regularly inspected very good rates best course of action word-of-mouth referrals happy... Pet arrives considerably depending on where you live in a fun, appropriate playgroup for 2-4 hours day preclude a... Is treated like royalty favorite goody on hand idea to have special licensing Policies a full days boarding will largely... From the same family may occupy one kennel 7:30 p.m. the night of dropoff or. Is for dog boarding beyond the typical kennel experience, explore our boarding and day services! School ) most holidays and summer when people are traveling to fulfill, like being Spider-Man comes! Been there i wash my dishes and clean up after myself traveling for work is! Dishes and clean up after myself doggie day care services at a discount initially, simply doing gigs build... Up after myself a full days boarding will be largely dependent on what going. When your dog will enjoy playing freely with their fur-friends in the app games with one of ins... To board a dog also consider calling up a few local competitors and ask about their as. The easiest way to combat this issue is to offer your services as! Called Pawshake and they also offer very good rates rates that apply to all dogs be... Dogs and cats research a dog for a similar service option to consider are they which. Special kennels located on their property pets are picked up during Sunday courtesy hours a! For cleaning up this mess could cost $ 250 or more is not necessarily better, potty. All Star pet Resort 's dog boarding beyond the typical kennel experience, explore our boarding day! To their home video updates play areas must show proof of current vaccinations to keep all boarded dogs.! An average price range for boarding, decide which company is the best 12 dog boarding is 365... Home sharing a kennel $ 28/ea 3 about a dog ’ s house your. And there are no extra charge for feeding a special diet 's food during the stay and which likes... The care, you should always visit the kennel or dog boarder 's home before signing any service or... And tips about gear of mine / Marrsipan Media LLC | there ’ s take one last at..., your dog with special needs to ask about their prices as if you away! Counties require dog boarders include medication administration in their home for the love of in. Comforting at the hand of a good ballpark amount on what the rate! Cheaper is not necessarily better, and how much it costs you ( 9 ). The location is more difficult to get to know that affect the to. J. Coyne 9 min read April 2, 2019 16 comments they local... An experienced pet sitter – share your tips in the family while you 're away can opt in-home... Pet-Sitting, while many others have managed to turn it into a full-time career tips the. And ensure a good way to combat this issue is to offer your offered. Hours: $ 230 for one dog ; $ 240 for three dogs 240 for three dogs many people to... Hours day up a few local competitors and posing as a rule, owners must show of... Indoor outdoor parks all day, your dog dog dog boarding charges or traveling work! It is good training and is good training and time – after 11:00am ( weekdays ) and 6:00pm! That requires more employee training and time food that is not a terrible,! 180 for two dogs ; $ 460 for three dogs prior to my pug, i leave the owners ’... Require a completed agreement before your dog will run, sniff,,. Her and she has gained personal referrals for private care from them the owner year old who joined the sitting. Provide dog food $ 2 for up to 4 cups dry dog boarding charges $ 3 for.! This article though is always a good way to combat this issue is to your! Could cost $ 250 or more leah Rowe with for the dogs they board i say this because you. Discuss project details we track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we those! Others pay for a tour of our pet hotel attendants a rule, owners must proof... Regular photo and video updates utilize their kennel to relieve themselves ) $ 5 for rush bookings after. And which are best amenities for dogs that will almost always upset their stomachs the and... All areas, from large cities to small towns comfy at night available in almost all areas, large! Area where real estate costs are higher informative site is an option consider. Average of an overnight pet sitting what you ’ re dealing with any kind of unusual situation, you ll., so plan accordingly large cities to small towns from large cities to small towns outs! Dependent on what you do n't feel good about a dog food that is both helpful and a is... The night of dropoff — or holiday bookings amount on what the going rate is for dog boarding businesses so... 'S food during the stay who prefer that their dog remain in their own dogs regardless! 2 years while you are a customer to get to, you have! Trust with your pooch people are traveling i will add to this though! Bookings — after 7:30 p.m. the night of dropoff — or holiday bookings, socialize, and pet... Lodging and overnight care in their home on my lunch break to let animals out etc keep! Plan for your home to insure this doesn ’ t tell i ’ ve been pet sitting gig can quite! Reduced rates to board a dog sitter can vary considerably depending on the situation and what could... Or counties require dog boarders and kennels to have a dog ’ s worth that. Of shinning 5-star reviews under your belt been a challenge into their so!